Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance November Meeting

Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance November Meeting

By Robert Press

With one day before election day the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance had Democratic City Council candidate Marjorie Velazquez address the community. Candidate Velazquez with her arm in a sling, and bandaged finger stood up front to explain why people voting the next day should choose her. 

A question and answer period came afterwards, in which candidate Velazquez had little trouble answering the questions. A question about the massive housing complex which is proposed where a Foodtown Supermarket currently sits with a large parking lot, was answered where she said the community is opposed to this, and so is she and the community board. 

Senior Advisor to VNNA Robert Nolan then went over the ballot, reminding those in attendance to turn the ballot over, because there were five Ballot Proposals on the back. Representatives of State Senator Gustavo Rivera, and Assembly members Karines Reyes and Nathalia Fernandez then spoke. As VNNA President Bernadette Ferrara was about to introduce Republican City Council candidate Alex Mici, he stormed out of the room saying why did you wait and not have me speak after his opponent. Ms. Ferrara replied to him that he was the speaker at last month’s meeting, but did not show up. The conservative Party candidate for Bronx Borough President Sammy Ravelo asked to speak, and was given time to plead his case as to why he should be elected. 

One more piece of business was handled, which was the president giving her personal opinion on VNNA letterhead. One community member objected to that, and requested that a letter be sent to the city council stating the mistake, that it was only one person’s opinion, and not that of the VNNA. The matter was about a street in Community Board 11 to be co-named for the slain former President of Yemen.

Democratic candidate for the 13th City Council district Marjorie Velazquez standing in front of VNNA’s Executive Board tells the crowd why they should choose her on election day.

Candidate Velazquez answers a question brought up by Senior Advisor Bob Nolan.

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