Free Produce Giveaway at Loreto Park

Free Produce Giveaway at Loreto Park

By Robert Press

Wednesday evening after sunset there was a free food giveaway of fresh produce organized by Mr. Christian Amato outside of Loreto Park in Morris Park. The event was next to the Christmas tree outside the fence where the baseball field is being restored from a lightly used hockey rink. Construction of the ballfield was scheduled to be completed by fall 2021, but that date came and went, and the new completion date is now mid 2022. There are mostly one family with a few two family homes around Loreto Park, in this middle class/upper middle class area.

Unlike other free food giveaways where people line up, down the block and around the corner, here when the produce was set up there were only a few people in line. They picked the vegetables and fruit they wanted, and as people passed by they were asked if they wanted some free vegetables or fruit. This was top quality produce Mr. Amato picked up from the Hunts Point Market, and this was his second produce giveaway of the day. When asked about the poor turnout, Mr. Amato said he wanted to see how it would go at this location. Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez was also on hand, as the 2022 election season is a short time away having been pushed up several months by the state legislature two years ago.  


The unfinished ball field is behind the fence where the produce was set up.

Various vegetable boxes were opened to be given away.

Large top quality melons and fruits were available.

It seemed that there were more servers than customers.

Once the initial rush was over people came one by one.

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