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Dear Edgewater Animal Hospital family member,

Between the popping of fireworks and champagne corks, New Year’s Eve can be a lot for our furry friends to handle. Start the year on the right paw with a little planning.

Learn more about New Year’s Eve pet planning by watching this informative new video.

Firework fears

Many dogs, cats and other pets are terrified of fireworks. Up close, those colorful bursts are louder than a jet plane taking off-and a dog can hear four times further than a human.

It’s no wonder that numerous frightened pets run away from fireworks, often harming themselves in the process. For pet parents, being prepared is the best way to prevent a holiday-ruining mishap.

5 things you can do to keep your pets safe during fireworks
Make sure that ID tags and microchip registration are up to date
Double check that doors, gates and fences are secured
Give pets a quiet, closed-door room to relax
Stay with your pet and comfort them
Ask about anti-anxiety meds
New Year’s resolutions-not just for people!

The new year is a popular time to set new goals and kick bad habits. Not only can your pet benefit from your resolutions, they can be very helpful in staying motivated.
Here are some fun pet-enhanced resolution ideas:

Build a workout plan that includes exercising with your pet
Spend quality time with your pet to reduce stress and stay mindful
Schedule annual health checkups for you and your pet
Protect your pet in 2022 (and beyond!)

Be ready for whatever the new year brings. Pet health insurance is a great way to protect your pet from the unexpected.

We’ve found that many Edgewater Animal Hospital family members have been very satisfied with the service and coverage they’ve received from Nationwide.
Choose coverage you can count on

If you’re interested in protecting your pet’s health with a Nationwide pet insurance plan, visit¬†NationwideForMyPet.com¬†for your 5% discount.

Warm regards,
The staff of Edgewater Animal hospital

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