Al’s Article

By Al D’Angelo
America take a knee! Take a knee to pray for the brave men and women of the Ukraine who have been fighting against all odds – the Russian incursion into their country. The second most powerful army in the world has come up against a defiant Ukrainian people who are risking their lives to keep from being dominated by Russia. It is a battle they cannot win but they are willing to give their lives for their love of country and their love of freedom. The weakness of our President who when asked what our response would be if there was a Russian invasion answered, “it depends on what it does; It is one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having to fight about what to do and not do”. He later retracted his statement amid worldwide criticism. Russia saw this as a weakness in the world’s resolve. We should have done more. When our intelligence agency told us of the threat, we should have been arming the Ukrainians; told Russia in no uncertain terms that we would supply oil to all our allies who are now buying oil from Russia. As soon as the Russians crossed into a sovereign nation, we should have stopped all trade with the Soviet Union. Ukrainians are dying and our political leaders are discussing whether we should increase our oil production so as not to be dependent on Russian oil (670,000 barrels a day at over $100 a barrel). Buying their oil we are contributing to their war effort. Rather than admit former President Trump was right about energy independence, we are letting people suffer and die. Rather than admit the environment would be better served if we drilled and processed our own oil, which we do cleaner and more efficiently than Russia, we are aiding to the suffering in the Ukraine people. America needs to be all-in, in combating this Russian aggression, halfway measures send a mixed message. Someone please explain to me how it is beneficial to America to speak to Iran about our purchasing oil from them, a country that has vowed ‘death to America’ rather than producing our own? Has our political system become so polarized that we would rather reach out to our enemies than admit a previous administration was right? Why are we playing politics while people are dying? Since when is it ok to put party loyalty before our country? Take a knee America and pray for the Ukrainian people and pray that our leaders make the right decisions for the country not their party.
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