The Green Elite caused Ukraine

It turns out the most dangerous people on the planet are those that falsely claim they are saving it. You know the climate change people who have waged war with the West clean fossil energy industry and thereby gave every advantage they could to countries like Russia and the Middle East. Countries who pull fossil fuels from the earth with nowhere near the clean technologies we use to do the same process. Countries who could care less about climate change people other than the are grateful to them for having the West give up its security for these green elites, who frankly can’t do what they claim they can do when it comes to our climate. The complete lack of understanding by these green socialist elites regarding the reality of world energy, national security, national economies, global conflict, and the consequences of getting it wrong is exactly why the world is on the brink of WW3. It turns out the climate change people are the most dangerous people on the planet for the planet and the human race. It’s funny how the fake heroes of today are the villains of our future.

What they have done is over hyped the performance of green, created green industries that have enriched themselves and their friends and have driven the cost of all energies up thus creating even more poverty and despair around the world. Their bumper sticker slogans sound good but fail to get beyond the bumper sticker to reality for the 8 billion people on the planet. To push their agenda, they have claimed for 60 years in a row that the world as we know it will end in 10 years. That is six times we have passed the end of times that they have predicted. That is not science, that is a sales job on fear, and their claims has been wrong every time. What is not wrong is the goal to use clean energy. So yes of course let’s get our energy to be greener, which frankly we have been doing now for decade. By these elites jumping up and down asking science to go faster doesn’t make the science go faster. It never has. The world is pushing hard to solve it and the world will solve it, it just takes time. In the meantime, we have focus on trying to be greener and there is plenty of evidence that people around the world are trying to do so. But green is expensive, and that is part of the science that we are working on, how to make green cheaper than oil.

First, fossil fuels are not going away for some time. Most likely not ever. In fact, without fossil fuels, you cannot have green energy. Think on that for a while. You need fossil fuels to make solar panels, or the fiberglass blades for windmills, or batteries for homes and electric cars. You need fossil fuels to fire up electrical plants or to make dams work. To attack one energy source that makes the other energy sources work is foolish, stupid and is not science, its political. The fact is the oil industry spends more money on green energy than even the green energy industry does. This is because the oil industry doesn’t see themselves in the oil industry, but in the energy industry. These oil executives know if they can make green work, they will continue to have a profitable viable energy business. It is obvious for their survival that they would think that way and invest in green the way they have. 

Fossil fuels needs to be reduced safely and reasonably, and green is growing because newer technologies are always coming that are in fact slowly closing the gap, of cost and benefit. But in truth green is not yet ready for prime time. Prime time meaning you can move enough so-called green energy cheaper than fossil fuels to fully support the energy life of the nearly 8 billion people on the planet. Move to fast, or before its truly prime time and you risk the lives of billions, you risk war, you risk poverty, you risk security, you risk the entire human race faster than the green claim that the world will end in seven years.

Like in all things in this world if you follow the money trail of green energy and their claims you start to see an ugly pattern of behavior, false claims and get rich quick schemes that the green elites are profiting from are at best unsettling. When you track that money, you will find a truth that is completely different than the false claims of a bunch of bumper sticker slogans. But that is another story for another time. Just remember since the dawn of time there are those who control people with the claim, they can control the weather. Our weather is so complex and so large that unless you can control the planets in our solar system you can’t control our weather. It is amazing the ego of these people who believe they are that smart and that good. What is amazing is the millions of people who believe in these John Kerry Gods of the weather.

Right now, today we are witnessing how the American socialists who promote green have sacrificed security of the United States to some very bad players on the world stage. Trust me, I am not delusional enough to believe the US is not without fault in all this. In fact, I think there are parts of our government and those working within those groups who are flat out evil, they cause wars, and conflicts, and move horrible death drugs with the cartel at a scale that is truly shocking and diabolical. If that was not so our government wouldn’t give control of the border to the cartel, but clearly, they have.

Our government is not worthy of the trust of the American people. We all know something is wrong with these guys, and we know what is wrong is within our most elite agencies who frankly do what they want without any of us knowing including our elected officials. We have way too many national secrets that hide those who are truly guilty of real crimes against humanity. Our national secrets don’t protect the American people, they protect the guilting among the American people.

So here is the simple math of our oil issue. We use in the US about 21 million barrels of oil per day. We produce 11 million barrels per day. We are short 10 million barrels of oil per day. So, what should we do? Well, it’s obvious we double our production… PERIOD. Europe uses 15 million barrels of oil per day. But produces 2 million barrels per day, short 13 million barrels. So, what should we do? Well, we should triple our oil production to 35 million barrels per day if we want to protect our alliance partners and ourselves and avoid all-out war. The likelihood of world war is higher than climate change that will kill us all.

What would it do to produce 35 million barrels per day? Simple, oil pricing would drop 75% to about $25 a barrel. OPEC, Russia, and Iran would be neutralized, and China would be held at bay. That would drop the price on every known product and service you can think of and wipe out right now the inflation we currently have, to zero. Russia only can fund wars from oil production, it is 50% of their $1.7 trillion dollar economy. An economy that is smaller than Texas. What else should we do? Well, we should finish the keystone pipeline and get it online as fast as possible. Why? Well because moving oil through pipelines is the greenest way to move oil, it’s not by tanker, or tanker trucks. You would think the green elites would get it, but they don’t. The idea keystone isn’t needed because it’s not built yet is crazy, as if our country won’t be year next year when it can come online!

What did the green elites do to make a mess of it all? Let me explain, first they got Western government to tax oil to drive up the cost of oil its competitor. Why? Well because unless they artificially increase the cost of oil the cost of green is just way too costly. Think about that for a moment they made oil more expensive to make green look better, instead of just making green better. That move increased the cost of everything and made the poor of the world poorer. I don’t see compassion in that move, I see justification of suffering. 

Now here is something you might not know. The green socialist within our government talk endlessly about the evil profit-making oil companies, all the while the governments they represent makes 15 times more than what the oil companies make on a single gallon of gas. Of course, when green starts to naturally dominate our energy source over the next 40 years these same government who are addicted to spending that tax money will then tax green at the same rate. So, the tax-free green energy of today is a bait and switch of the heavily taxed future of green energy. Think of the irony of that one?

Now let me ask you the most important question of all related to all this? What is more important today? Protecting the world from the destruction of the World with WW3? Or the destruction of world from climate change, by those who have been 100% wrong with their every 10-year claim of the end of the world? The clear and present danger to the world today is war not climate change. Have you ever wondered why China and Russia have done little in comparison to the US when it comes to going green? Well because they are not going to give up their security and these nations love how the green thinking socialists of the West gave up so much national security and wealth.

If you want to get to green faster in the US it is simple, be the largest producer of all forms of energy, in other words be number one in all of it from oil, to wind, from solar, to hydro, from thermal, to fusion, and nuclear. We would figure how to balance it all to be clear by driving cost down and inventions up. Like most things in business, it is counter intuitive to get to the right conclusion.

Now here is a final truth, the reason the US was the number one economy in the world was our low-cost energy cost. That was our competitive advantage, the very advantage the John Kerry’s of the world have slowly eroded. A weak America is a truly a dangerous world. Oil’s global exchange is based on the US dollar which is why the US dollar is so powerful. If you want to weaken the US on the world stage it is simple, take away our energy independence and you will break the US economy. Therefore, China wants to fund Russian Oil, and OPEC, because the big prize for them is to replace the Chinese Yen with the US Dollar on the oil markets. If that was to happen in one fell swoop American would be replaced by China and our economy would collapse in a blink of an eye. Yes, we are that close. Climate change is not the biggest problem, what I just wrote about is.

Think, think, and then think some more, is going green about green, or is it breaking the economic back of the US? Have you ever listened to how the green elites talk about the US? I have and they don’t speak highly of it at all. When I get done listening to them, I have concluded they hate America, and I am sick of it and sick of them. And for me their hatred of America says everything.

Ukraine is now suffering because of the policies of the green elites, their policies allowed Putin to do what he is doing now. What are the green elites doing about it? They are upset that Ukrainian suffering is the headline above their claim the world is about to end.

Just saying the obvious once again!

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