Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez’s Inauguration

Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez’s Inauguration 

By Robert Press

There was rain, snow, cold weather, and gusty winds outside, but that didn’t damper the spirits inside the auditorium at Jacobi Hospital where the public inauguration of Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez was being held. Bronx Borough President Vanesa Gibson led all the Bronx elected officials, while U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, Mayor Eric Adams City Comptroller Brad Lander, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, State Comptroller Tom Di Napoli, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, with several other members of the City Council from other boroughs were on hand to help celebrate with friends and family the public inauguration of Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez. 

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer spoke first, giving a detailed history of Councilwoman Velazquez’s life, mentioning her parents (who were in the audience), her husband Jeff, and the difficulties Marjorie had to overcome in her quest to become the Councilwoman from the 13th District. Mayor Adams was next to say that he is pleased to work with the new councilwoman, adding that we should be eating healthy, while not consuming sugary drinks. When candidate for governor Jumaane Williams spoke he praised the new councilwoman, but added that he didn’t expect the Bronx Democratic Party support, and he didn’t get it. 

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said that Marjorie has come through the system by being a community board member first. Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson noted the changing times by saying the Bronx has its first woman of color as the Borough President, the first woman of color as the Bronx District Attorney, and now the 13th Council District has its first woman of color leading it. She went on to say it is a privilege to serve as borough president, ending with Marjorie it was your time. Former Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who was Councilwoman Velazquez’s mentor, said it was most rewarding to him to get the job done for the people of the district, and he is confident Marjorie will do the same. 

Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez was sworn in by Judge Dori Gonzalez. In her acceptance the councilwoman thanked those elected officials who came, her family and her husband Jeff who had faith in her. She mentioned that she is part of a female majority in the city council run by a Black woman speaker, and thanked the staff of Jacobi Hospital for all their work the past two years. She will be allocating one hundred thousand dollars to assist young Latina girls who are at risk, and said “we can’t go back to the world before COVID”. She wants to preserve outdoor dining, keeping our infrastructure strong, and the safety of the citizens. Increase the number of start up businesses, and that she and BP Gibson were on Morris Park Avenue until 2 AM, concerned about the crime there. More police safety is needed, and she wants to follow the Mayor’ Climate Action Plan with five million dollars for new catch basins and rain gardens. She added the need for another one million trees citywide, fixing parks, and turning the unused boat yards on City Island into Wetlands.

(L – R) Elected officials Public Advocate Williams, U.S. Senator Schumer, Bronx DA Clark Bronx Borough President Gibson, City Comptroller Lander, Lieutenant Governor Benjamin, State Senator Sepulveda, State Comptroller DiNapoli, Assemblywoman Fernandez, Assemblywoman Crus, and former Councilman Vacca.

Councilwoman Velazquez with Bronx Borough President Vanesa Gibson.


Councilwoman Velazquez with State Senator and Bronx Democratic Party Leader Jamaal Bailey.


Councilwoman Velazquez with various members of the city council who were in attendance. 


Councilwoman Velazquez is sworn in by Judge Doris Gonzalez, with her husband Jeff at her side, her parents on stage with her, and a few nieces and nephews. 

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