How Liberals destroyed American independence

I found it painfully interesting listening to the congressional hearings of our American oil executives. It was obvious that liberal elites can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to their own energy policies. First, liberals make it almost impossible for oil US companies to drill at home. They do this by playing a shell game. For examples liberal stop projects right in the middle of billions of dollars invested in a project, the XL pipeline is an example of that. This means any investment oil companies make on behalf of their investors who are mostly every-day Americans is at risk. So American oil companies must work with foreign nations who don’t wipe out billions in invested with the stroke of a liberal pen. Liberals warn American Oil companies they would shut them down in the US. To do this they went to the investment and banking communities and created laws that made is ten times more difficult to finance refineries, pipelines, and drilling rigs. The goal was clear, destroy the American fossil fuel energy industry. So, companies like Shell, Chevron, Exxon, and others must use their skills to protect millions of American investors but do it in Russia and other countries around the world. Its nuts and the liberals know it is, but they are hell bent on a false green agenda to protect the green billionaires. However, the job of congress is to protect everyday Americans not protecting or picking sides within the billionaire classes of either the fossil or green industries. The natural laws of competition do that without congress having to do a single thing. 


When the oil executives slow down production to comply with the laws the liberals created these same elites blast them for not drilling enough that caused global oil pricing goes up. Liberals purposely hide the fact that their policies raised oil prices and created the war in Ukraine. This is because US liberal gave pricing control back to OPEC which embolden Russia who then in turn got support of China. According to the liberal elites if you are an oil executive and you produce too much energy you hate the planet and if you don’t produce enough oil, you are an American traitor.


As I sat there and listened to it all, I thought just how insane and dangerous liberal thinking truly is. When the oil executives follow the crazy laws and insane mandates the liberals created it of course naturally blew the world energy markets up because the policies made America depended on foreign oil and foreign pricing of that oil. What is ironic is the fact the oil executives are hated by the very liberal elites who they are also forced to help keep their liberal jets, yachts, and mansions up and going. To add insult to injury the government controlled by the liberal makes ten times the money than oil companies, yet the liberal elites talk about price gouging when their oil tax polices gouge Americans more than oil companies could ever legally do. Of course, liberals have made this false claim many times of oil industry price gouging and each time when the legal reviews were done over the last 40 years of the oil industry no price gouging was ever found. The only price gouging is done by OPEC. Frankly, everything about liberalism at its core is hypocritical because they truly don’t understand the cause and effect of their policies which is why they constantly break everything single thing they touch. It is maddening that millions of Americans like the liberal elites cannot track the origin of these failures.


Big oil executives this week got blamed for following the laws enacted by the very liberals who have zero clue how the industry works, how energy moves, how our energy grids work, how shipping gas and oil vs. pipelines work, and what is green and not green, they know as much about energy as they do about guns, which basically nothing. Now when their energy policies blow up which impacts everything else up in the economy, they look quickly for who they can blame.


So, to hide their mistakes, liberals call a congressional hearing to have a national stage with the cameras rolling. Like a religious inquisition from the dark ages, they set on high and look down on their victims they created and then shame for the very liberal laws they were mandated to do. These liberal elites then shout, blame, and point their fingers at those who keep our economy going as evil haters of the planet and lovers of profits only. When the oil executives try to explain what the laws did the liberals shout over them and continue to blame them for what liberals did. They talked about the leases of land that haven’t been used and demand to know why? Well, the reasons are many but let me give you three. You give the lease then there is four years of liberal red tape before you can drill which cost tens of millions. Then you limit financing from investment firms and banks to the oil industry and raise the risk 100-fold. Then when you can shut down any project at any time the risks equations go up a million-fold. So, you drill in other countries, and you drill based on OPEC’s formula which is to keep the supply just below the need to keep prices high and gouge the world with fake pricing. The liberals have trapped the oil executives which is why liberal policies always fail. They are a double-sided trap, and it doesn’t matter the topic because that double sided policy trap is at the border, it is with the national debt, it is with DA’s who release dangerous criminals to repeat even greater crimes… Like I said it is a constant state of insanity.  


Once off stage these liberal political elites run outside their chamber to get in front of the cameras with their sixty second red meat quotes that was crafted for them to have maximum impact, we know this as propaganda. Then the liberal media focuses on saving the liberals from their own destruction by acting like the liberal elites are not flip flopping and proclaim the oil companies did what the liberals really did. If you control the mike and the questions you control the narrative of what millions end up believing. They trust they are not being lying to, something they should really question, by the way that is true for those who are on the right who are lied too as well.  This clever masking is what liberals are now doing to hide the inconvenient truth, that what makes green looks like it is working is oil. Liberal thinking is dangerous because it constantly wrong on things that matter most. All you must do is connect the dots of those policies and you will see why thousands have died in Ukraine. It created the possibility of WW3. And that is why they are dangerous not only to Americans but to the world. 



Liberals hate the very thing that helped make America great, which is energy independence of drilling oil on our own land that we do cleaner than anyone else in the world! They have done everything possible to insure the failure of the industry that fuels everything in American. Did you know that there are 143 different grades of oil mandated by the government? Yes, this is what happens when you get the political elites who complicate everything with zero benefit to anyone but adds expense for everyone. How cruel are these energy policies the liberals have created? Simple millions will die of starvation because of it, and millions of Americans will end up on welfare where they became slaves of the state and then give more power to the state to stay feed.


Everything is life is balance and clearly liberals have no balance in their thinking because they falsely believe they are right about everything as they really endanger everyone.


Just saying of the obvious once again!

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