Third Avenue Business Improvement District – Sexual Harassment & Respectful Workplaces


Sexual Harassment & Creating Respectful Workplaces
Employee Training Program
Join Third Avenue Business Improvement Districand the Bronx Chamber of Commerce for this important employee training to comply with New York State Department of Labor requirements.

The training program focuses on respect, acceptable workplace conduct, and the types of behaviors that contribute to a respectful and inclusive, and therefore ultimately more profitable, workplace.

This training includes two components, and meets the standard for required Sexual Harassment Training in the State of New York: Leading for Respect (for supervisors) and Respect in the Workplace (for all employees). Instead of traditional compliance training that solely focuses on legal definitions and standards for liability, the new program provides an exciting training alternative for harassment prevention.

The training program is an outgrowth of the Report of the Co-Chairs of the EEOC’s Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace.

The trainings will be conducted by EEOC Training Institute staff.
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