The Disinformation Board is a Hallmark of Socialism

The so-called de facto department of truth, or the disinformation board within homeland security agency is one of the most outrageous attempts of control by the socialist democrats found with the power structure of our government. In a typical socialist move done in countless countries around the world, it is designed to have complete control over what people say, think, believe, and do. Without total control over speech socialism cannot win, so without controlling speech of others socialist policies cannot be defended nor win the argument of the day because they utterly fail every time they are implemented.

The proof of that failure is what we have seen in the results of the Biden administration. Over 77% of Americans now believe the Biden economy is completely failing them and the other 23% are not enthused. Socialist policies of open borders vs. national security, censorship vs. free speech, indoctrination vs. education and manufactured health crisis shutdowns vs. managed health care protocols leads to the typical economic collapses socialism has seen worldwide. Cloaking socialism as a form of Capitalism is still Socialism. Using socialist philosophy within a capitalist society is how we need up with $30 trillion in debt.

Where freedom is allowed to flourish socialism can never take root. Everything about this overreach by the Biden administration using our government against free speech, free opinions is wrong. And in 250 years as a nation, we have yet to need such a board to censor the opinions of everyday Americans. Think about a government that for the last 75 years has been more wrong than right now declaring what truth or right is. If the government can be wrong in their policies and views, then why can’t the everyday American have a wrong view as well? American’s have the right to have opinions that are wrong just like the government seems to have the right to be wrong. The difference is when the Government is wrong it is a national seceret while when an American Citizen is wrong it is open to the world and then openly punished. People and organization who have secrets have them for a reason, and usually it is to hide their guilt.

I do not care if someone thinks the world is flat, or that aliens are among us. It has zero impact on my life. I will read about what they think and have my own opinion on the subject. I am perfectly ok with people being wrong if it is not hurting others. I also do not care that billions of people believe in various religions that have vastly different views. I do not fear the differences including the views of those who see religion in general as foolhardy. I have zero need for people to agree with my views on somethings or everything.

The only time any government needs a department of truth is when it’s about to tell a greater series of untruths than what it has ever told before. People or governments who claim they have the truth of all things frankly have the truth of few things. Our government right now has a real need to control what the truth is. To do that they need a truth machine. Most know that this machine is just another form of propaganda. It is simply my opinion that this current push is to hide the biggest lies our government has been involved in since the founding of our country. We do not know the size and scope of the sins of our government but be assured our government is riddled with sins that requires a disinformation board to hide those sins.

The complete corruption of our government is now self-evident and is now everywhere for everyone to see. American’s do not like being lied too as a result the vast majority of Americans no longer trust the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA, the CIA, the Department of Energy, the Treasury, the CDC, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. They collectively have told too many lies, they have too many secrets, too much corruption to protect the corrupt, and finally too much ill-gotten gains of extreme wealth from those who are public servants. If you are in the business of lying, and hiding the truth, then you will need an agency that represents all the agencies within government to declare what truth is even when the so-called truth is a lie.

If you have a department of truth then what do you debate, discuss, or dialogue about? The so-called declared truth then trumps the need to debate, discuss or dialog anything. Once you know the truth of all things you simply declare it, and everyone follows it. This is because who does not want to live the truth whatever it maybe! With a department of truth, you can then claim to know the truth of all science, medicine, law, engineering, art, music, politics, and religion. When any group claims to have the truth and has the power to enforce the truth you have a toxic cocktail for disasters. If you want to understand clearly why the US is a mess right now and, in a nosedive, you must get outside of your political ideology and simply look at the results and avoid the hypnotic nature of the political rhetoric.

Here is a truth, the truth is profoundly personal to each of us. Is there are truth out there? Yes, there is, and that is why it is personal. Finding the truth of anything is the journey of one and is based on your experiences. Most of what I read and hear in life are in fact opinions pretending to be a fact and or a truth. I do not need or want any government to declare what the truth is! How do you challenge a government truth? How can you protect yourself from a government that has the power of the courts, law enforcement that can jail or execute you? See that is the problem with any government they have the ultimate power over life.

The right to truth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is personal… The idea of a melting pot society is because we are all different but equal. When the government picks winners and losers then we are not equal, and we are not free.

Just stating the obvious once again.

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