Al’s Article

By Al D’Angelo
The polarization of America is politically motivated, so how do we find out the truth? Which newspaper do we read, the Post, Daily News, or the NY Times to name a few? What TV stations do we watch, CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, or ABC? How about social media? These are the formats that form our opinion, and it has been proven that they have been politized to meet a political agenda. This is nothing new “Yellow Journalism” was in part the reason the American Indian was view with disdain and one of the reasons for The Spanish American War. The duty of the media is to print and report facts, to do investigative reporting and let the chips fall where they may. To uncover scandals and pursue them until they’re rectified – Watergate is a perfect example – without the press the scandal would not have been uncovered. The intellectually disabled children in Willowbrook would still be living in horrendous conditions had it not been for Geraldo Rivera’s tenacious reporting about the living conditions the children had to endure. Let’s look at some current events. The Supreme Court’s leak concerning Roe vs. Wade has been politicized to divide our nation. The document does not outlaw abortion it simply gives people the right to choose. Isn’t that what people want, the right to make decisions concerning their own bodies? the difference is the government would not mandate the rules for abortion, those rules would be made by the individual states, by representatives elected by the people. Why hasn’t this been publicized by the media? Why hasn’t this leak been vilified by all our elected officials and the media? Instead, they are fanning the fires of dissent. Have you seen this in the media, President Biden once said he did “not view abortion as a choice and a right”, he also opposed federal funds to pay for abortions? Now he is calling it a radical decision, go figure. The former President was vilified as a Russian agent and spied upon in an attempt to overthrow a sitting President. It was proven to be the work of an opposing political campaign and this treasonous activity the media doesn’t find newsworthy. The President of the United States son’s laptop was found to have incriminating evidence about his business dealings which may involve his father, the media was fast to react calling it Russian disinformation. They even went so far as to present 50 intelligence experts to agree. Why is the media now silent when it has been proven that it was not disinformation at all? Why don’t they want to find out the truth and let the American people know the facts? Instead of broadening our minds the media is attempting to control our minds. Many in America have become so desensitized to right and wrong that they have replaced it with whatever it takes to meet my objective right or wrong.
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