Peace Plaza Memorial Day Remembrance 2022

Peace Plaza Memorial Day Remembrance 2022

By Robert Press

This year the Peace Plaza Memorial Day Remembrance was not only to those soldiers who fought in wars from World War One to present day wars, the United States has been involved in, but to also remember the veteran who started the Peace Plaza remembrance who passed away in December 2021 Silvio Mazzella. Next to the other memorial stones for war veterans, a new memorial stone was unveiled for Silvio Mazzella with the Mazzella family in attendance. 

Well over one hundred people were on hand for this year’s Peace Plaza Memorial Day Remembrance including Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson. As he did last year, and will now do each year U.S. Marine Veteran Joseph Ronda emceed the event where various veterans from the different armed forces spoke about what Memorial Day means to them. When Veteran Joe Thompson was introduced as being an Army Veteran, his response was I was in the Air Force not the Army. Candidate for Supreme Court Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor however was a veteran of the U.S. Army who mentioned almost all of her family who served in the various armed forces. 

Even though Councilwoman Velazquez and Assemblywoman Fernandez were present, the only elected official to speak was Bronx Borough President Vanesa Gibson. She said that we are here today to remember those who fought in wars so we could be here today. We must honor each and every veteran, and we must not close down any of the VA Hospitals. She added that her relative Roger Gibson, who is a veteran, tells the family stories about what it was like to serve the country as a soldier. 

Former Marine Joe Ronda invited the Mazzella family to come forward for the unveiling of the stone to memorize Silvio Mazzella at Peace Plaza. Taps were then played, Rabbi Saadia Pewzner of the Bronx Jewish Center gave the final prayer, and Cpl. Ronda thanked everyone for coming out to honor the local veterans like Silvio Mazzella who gave of themselves. 



Army veteran Joseph Ronda has taken over the duties of running the Peace Plaza Memorial Day Remembrance, and is assisted by Navy veteran Gene De Francis.

Ms. Grace Lovag sings the Nation Anthem as the U.S. flag is raised.

U.S. Army Veteran Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor talks about her entire family’s service in the Armed Forces, which led her to serve.
Veteran Joe Thompson who was introduced as an Army Veteran, let everyone know that he served in the Air Force and not the Army.
Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson spoke of her relative Roger Gibson who tells the family stories of when he served. She added that Veteran Hospitals must be kept open to serve those who were in the Armed Forces.

It was then time to unveil the stone in memory of the founder of the Peace Plaza Memorial Remembrance who is no longer with us, Mr. Silvio Mazzella. Members of the Mazzella Family stand by the stone honoring Silvio for his service in the Armed Forces, and in his community.

Rabbi Saadia Pewzner gives the closing prayer.
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