Why liberals really hate guns

I wanted to let the dust settle before I commented about what happened in Texas and the continued divide the liberals then created with this tragedy by attacking gun ownership rather than the core issues with all mass killings of mental illness. It is an argument from liberals that will go no further than it has always gone. The vast majority of Americans are not going to give up their second amendment rights and part of the reasons is simple; liberals will not uphold the current laws of our land. And as a result, their policies make America less safe and the proof of that is found within every major liberal city that has the strictest gun laws and yet the highest murder rates. Without going any further, the data already proves that the liberal are wrong on their views related to gun laws. Sadly, liberal do not care about the facts they care about control and power, and the first and second amendments are smack in the way of both the control and the power of the political liberal elites need to have to control our society. This is because what they are peddling most Americans do not want. So, to make it happen they must force socialism which is what liberals have always done everywhere it has gone and failed.

In America there are already 25,000-gun laws on the books, most of which liberal law makers ignore. Even worse what they currently propose as new laws do nothing to stop any of what happened in past mass shootings. The same mass shooters would end up with the same guns with the proposals of the liberals. In a country where we have 350 million Americans and five hundred million guns and billions of rounds of ammo it is not likely people are simply going to give up their guns to a government that seems to take more than it ever gives, to the people it is supposed to serve. In fact, the truth is we serve the government and the government long ago stop serving its citizens. When you do not trust the decisions, your government is making it seems stupid to give up your guns to defend yourself when the government is making society more dangerous not less. I do not know a single gun owner who is willing to give up there only means to protect themselves.

Liberals want to have everyday Americans to give up their personal protection, yet liberals won’t control the borders, instead they have turned the management of the border to the cartel. You know the cartel that kills over 100,000 Americans per year with its drugs and MS13 gangs working openly in every major city in the US killing at will, who they will. Liberals then moved to defund the police and in doing so have overwhelmed law enforcement agencies and at the same time liberal DA’s nationwide have decided to release criminals early and not prosecute them when their case comes up on the docket. Liberals are shocked that crime has gone up and cannot connect the obvious dots.

I hate to tell liberals that criminals do not care about their laws. PERIOD. We already have laws against murder, robbery, and car jackings yet criminals do not slow down on any of it and use knives, handguns, sawed off shot guns and brass knuckles and baseball bats to inflect their wrath. And they do not care about gun laws but 99.98% of gun owning Americans do. And they want to protect themselves against what liberal policies did to increase in crimes of all kinds. The hate liberals have for police have made the polices departments fearful of implementing the laws they have been asked to enforce. We will see in Texas the delays by the police to save the kids were in part based on the fears police officers have of what the liberals will do to them when face with having to kill anyone. It is a mess of liberalism who policies destroy everything that was reasonably working and breaks everything else it touches along the way to a pipedream of utopia. A false utopia that they have never been right about for the last one hundred plus years.

If you listen to the mainstream liberal media, you are constantly taught about gun violence vs human violence caused by mental illness. So, let us take a brief history listen about human violence caused by mental illness and the tools the mentally ill use to do these suicide missions of mass killings.

The largest killing of school children in the US was not done with a gun it was done with a bomb. It happened in Bath Township, Michigan it killed thirty-eight children and six adults one of which was the bomber. It was not referred to as “Bomb violence” like we use when we say, “gun violence.” Recently in Waukesha, Wisconsin we had an African American use his truck to run over people in a Christmas parade. He killed five and severely injuring forty others. We did not call it truck or car violence, in fact over the last decade 125,000 Americans have died from drunk drivers. Mass killings by vehicles happen globally. This young Mexican American in Texas killed nineteen children and two adults before he was shot to death. Timothy McVeigh a white man killed 168 people of which nineteen were children and wounded over 680 others with a truck bomb that was made of simple over the counter fertilizers. It was not called fertilizer violence.

In China there are no guns, China fears an armed population, those who abuse fear those who can fight the abuse. But mass murders in schools of children are committed with knives. It is brutal, frankly I would rather be shot than knifed. These Chinese who committed these crimes have something in common with all the others I have brought up, they were all mentally ill. The weapon of choice was different, take away one and another is introduced. Why? Well, that is what the mentally ill will do, which is why they are mentally ill.

Notice that all races can have the mentally ill, but what is interesting in the US is that only 9% of conservatives commit these crimes and when they do the mainstream news loves it because it fits a narrative about people focused on God, Country, Bibles, and Guns the four things’ liberals hate most. If a liberal thinker who is mentally ill commits a mass act of human violence, then the media buries it, and waits for the next event they can exploit to fuel the great fake divide for money, power, fame, and control.

Why are mass killings up? What changed? Simple the liberals in the 1970’s decided that the mentally ill needed to have right until they hurt someone, what is worse liberals knew they would hurt someone. So, we utterly freed them until they did the god awful. The mother of the young man who killed in Sandy Hook begged the authorities for help, but none came. This young man in Texas that killed all these children had posted God awful things and claims. Funny how Facebook can pick up the slightest political opinion they do not like but cannot pick up the obvious dangers of mass killers or pedophiles. The irony of that alone is mind boggling. But then again Facebook is liberalism and so it is political and seeks its own control and power over society.

We need common sense laws about mental illness. PERIOD. We need common sense laws about protecting schools like we do airports. PERIOD. Look what happened when airplanes were used by the mentally deranged that blew up the twin towers. We did not call that airplane violence. But what we did do is hardened all the airports. And protect them against the mentally ill and the group deranged. Yes, can we add a few laws related to guns that might be smart and helpful? Sure. But with 25,000 laws on the books, I would tell you they will not be as effective as laws related to the mentally ill and hardening our schools. Gun free zones are naive and dangerous which is why you do not see shoot outs at a gun range or a police station.

Here is the bottom line for me. I do not trust this administration to protect me, in fact I do not trust any administration even those I like to protect me. The average time for the police to respond is ten minutes. Sorry I am not going to run fast enough hide long enough from those who might wish to do me harm. Biden is asking me to bet my life on him. Are you KIDDING ME?

Everything liberals have touched they have broken and taking away my right to protect myself and my family and friends with the weapon of my choice is my right. And it is what a million US soldiers died to protect, the US Constitution. Blaming the NRA for gun violence is like blaming the DMV for drunk drivers who kill more than bullets do. Both the NRA and the DMV are the teachers of responsible ownership. And 99.98% of people are responsible owners of cars and guns. You do not go after the 98.98% to solve the .02%, you go after the .02% period, it’s obvious.

So why does the gun issue come up for liberals? Simple socialism does not take root in a free society with the rights we have within the second amendment. So, if you fix the .02% of the problem you can get rid of an arm population who values freedom more than taking a knee to the elite who will never get enough money, power, and control. When you understand that, then you will understand what is at stake with the war waged on guns rather than the war that we should wage against the violence that happened within those who are truly mentally ill and need our help.

Does anyone really think you can force two hundred million Americans to give up five hundred million guns and billions of rounds of ammo to a government that lies daily? Do you think it can be without a civil war? Tell me how many countries gave up their nuclear weapons after getting them? None. And does anyone believe that those that claimed they reduced the level of nuclear weapons really did? I sure do not. People have weapons to feel safe and that they can if they need to protect themselves, because they know if they must wait ten minutes, they will be dead.

Just saying the obvious once again.

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