The January 6th Political Sham Trails Begin

Ok it is once again political theater time brought to you by the Democrat party run by the liberal socialist elites. You know the very people who have set the country on fire for the last two years and broke everything they touch. The people who yell and scream that everyone who does not think like them is a racist, a supremist, a homophobic, and deplorable.

So, the political theater we are going to is from the January 6th committee. This committee has nothing to do with January 6th and everything to do with the deep state doing all it can to stop the Trump machine. The committee first had to figure out what the end ruling had to be (Trump is a traitor) and then go backwards to build a case to support it. They already decided the outcome before the hearings and evidence then blocked everything that supported the outcome to ensure the outcome they must have. You know the fix is when Pelosi as a Democrat decided what Republicans she had to have on the committee for the outcome she sought. So, for the first time the democrats decided who was going to represent the republicans denying the republicans right to choose who would represent them.

Nancy thinks what republicans do we have in the house who hates Trump as much as me? And she finds the only two republicans that fit that bill. Both of which have been completely rejected by the GOP within their respective home states. One is calling it quits because he already knew he going to lose because of Trump so this is about revenge for him, and the other she will lose in her race soon because of Trump and so to this is about revenge for her.

Then the Democrats hire a producer to professionally air the hit piece for the American people. With the detail script in place for the camera operators who will know when to capture a closeup of every single staged emotion. The big news organizations are each queued up with that same script and each already have fresh logos and headlines in place and the perfect times to cut away commercials to maximize their ROI. The headlines and stories for the newspapers are written for the whole week with minor adjustments to capture wording beyond the script.

Heck even I without any knowledge of the script that I know is there could write all the articles when I know the outcome of the so-called hearing and trial. This is not justice or seeking the truth this is nothing more than a political show where we all know what the outcome will be. So why are the democrats doing this? Simple they are trying to retain power, and this is how they must do it. Power for them is not based on reality it is based on the perceptions they can create.

So here is the truth of January 6th. Around 500,000 people showed up to hear Trump speak, 3,000 dummies broke into the capital building and shut the building down for two hours. They were cleared out easily and some damage was done. One air force female veteran who was protesting was executed and the shooter cleared. Then the false story that protestors kill six police was debunked and the one who did die died the next day of an unrelated heart attack that they had to connect to have a narrative to balance out taking the life of this young woman. In fact, they had his body lying in state at the capital for being killed rather than the truth he died of a heart attack. The FBI declared 9 months later that January 6th was not an insurrection a word the media still pushes another lie.

Now I do not give those who broke into a pass, but I do not care either about the majority who walked in like tourist and then walked out. I do have a problem that 180 protestors are in jail without the right to bail, or a trial date and who have not been formally charged.

What bothers me is for 18 months the left protestors had a pass to do far worse and did kill twenty-nine police officers and two hundred killed and thousands injured with billions and billions of property damages and hundreds of small businesses forever wiped out. For all that the democrats had nothing to say but the sound of crickets. But a two-hour takeover of a building is the end of the world.

We had federal buildings burned and court houses damaged, and State Houses pulled out of session in some cases for days while the left run cities gave them the keys to the cities to destroy what they wanted to with no meaningful punishment forth coming. Now we have Supreme Court Justices being hunted down for attempting killings by the left and their families and homes being surrounded to make them fear the left for not comply to their will. Schumer tells an angry crowd in a speech that a whirl wind will be released and names the justices by name. The kid who tried to kill the justice used that talk as his justification for his attempted murder. Do you think Schumer will face a hearing for his real hate speech? Not a chance!

Why do we have a double standard of justice? Simple in the ideology of the hard left your ideology is your get out of jail card for doing anything wrong. And if you’re one the right and do something questionable the left ideology allows them the right to declare you guilty, rig the system against you and shake you down and financially wipe you out unless you agree to some level of guilt. Because of their so called high moral ideology they can justify being immoral.

This is the modern version of the Roman coliseum it is the blood sport of the socialist democrats who in the name of Pelosi can justify anything and everything.

Just saying the obvious once again.

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