Crest & Oral-B Dental Screening Event at CVS

Crest & Oral-B Dental Screening Event at CVS

By Robert Press

It was a clear sunny day when the mobile Dentistry Clinic KARE in partnership with Proctor & Gamble oral products (Crest and Oral-B), and the CVS Drug Store on Williambridge Road in the Morris Park section of the Bronx did free dental exams last week. 

The back half of the CVS parking lot was closed off so vans with dental chairs, and tables with gifts for those who chose to participate by getting a free oral exam. You were asked a few questions about how you routinely clean your teeth, and which products are used as they were giving out an Oral-B toothbrush with a small tube of Crest Premium toothpaste. My checkup went well as I received a pre dentist evaluation of my teeth to know if my dentist says I need work that I really don’t need. The whole exam and paperwork took less than thirty minutes, and to me it was well worth it.



The sign outside the Morris Park CVS informing people of free dental checkups.

Tents were set up in the back of the CVS parking lot.

Dental chairs were set up in the van, and in the parking lot.
A dentist and dental assistants were on hand for free dental checkups.
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