Why Bidens Liberalism is Dangerous

No matter how hard I try, I just do not understand liberal thinking at all. Recently I was listening to Joe Biden talking about his latest proposed bill. I was stunned just how crazy and dangerous liberal thinking is. But the proof of how bad the thinking is found within the results. To do that you need to get beyond the flashing wordsmithing of what they claim to the results of their polices when they are implemented. When you can do that and are willing to do that the matrix of the mass media and the political elites reveals the awful realities of liberalism which today is code for socialism.


As Joe made claim after claim about how this new liberal bill would help America and Americans, I thought to myself with each claim that he made that it would do the very opposite. Everything Biden has done has completely failed and I mean everything, and now we are watching good ole Joe doubling down again all the very same insanity once again.


I always thought that the office of the President was important but that there would be enough checks and balance within the various branches of the government to prevent any President from driving us off a cliff. I could not be more wrong. It turns out if you have a President who cannot make one correct decision about anything then that President can easily drive the nation and everyone you know in it over the cliff. Make no mistake about the Biden policies, they have crashed our economy and the only reason it has not destroyed the nation is the private sector. Which continues off sets these horrible government policies and does this even while the government ties the private sector hand behind its back with constant anti-business mandates. Frankly, the free will of the American people despite this corrupt government and this failed President keeps America moving along.


So let me share with you what Joe claimed would happen if his bill is passed, verses what will actually happen based on Biden’s historical performance of the very same policies failing. If you are an ideologue and cannot admit to your parties’ failings in the middle of a failure, I would suggest you skip what I have to say as you are already in a state of denial and will see me only has a loon of sorts. And that is ok. Therefore, I am an independent because I know both parties are failing the nation, however one is failing the nation at a rate of 5 to 1 over the other party and you get to decide for you which party is failing less at this moment in time.


First, Biden made the claim we are not in a recession! Yet the economic report that came out this week proves we have a recession with two back-to-back quarters of a shrinking economy. Everyone I know from the rich to the poor feels the current massive pinch to our economy. Nearly 90% of Americans believe that the economy is going in the wrong direction. Yet there is Biden who seems to be in denial of the reality of his policies that trigger our downward slide. In a classic liberal move, you simply change the definition of a word and act like you did not move the goal post to mask the failure. Liberalism currently is on a move to change the meaning of every word, every law, and every bit of our history to fit a narrative of self-hate, hate of others, and hate of country. They are the masters of justified hate and use it daily as the weapon of choice.


Second, Biden claims that spending nearly a trillion dollars in cash and tax credits on his new bill would reduce inflation. Of course, this is the very same claim he made with the two previous multi-trillion spending bills. Of course, it did not work then, and to no surprise inflation went up, and logic along with reason dictates that new bill will simply sustain and increase our current inflation rate. If you over print money, you devalue money and that fuels inflation. They are charging up our collective credit card for which one day the debt collector will call for the loan to be paid. The shock will be who is the dept collector, rest assured they are on the wings to save the day from the mess they made. Socialism always uses to things for power, bullets, and debt. To do this they need to have the bullets and take yours away and they need to own your debt. Once you understand those two keys to power you can see more clearly that which you would never want to believe.


Third, Biden claimed that this bill will reduce the national debt and deficit spending. Are you kidding me? What reduces the deficit is not spending more, but spending less by cutting waste, fraud, and reversing government spending and growth. You want to reduce the debt and overspending then spend less. The government spends more each year and as a result needs to tax more. Think how does it end? Well world liberalism/socialism claims in the end people will need to own nothing but will be happy. Let me state of the obvious, there has never been a society where people own nothing and were happy. The only people who are happy are those in power? Why? Well because they own everything. This so-called utopia is just slavery only on a worldwide scale. Side note, I am not a slave and slavery never in the end works out well for the very temporary masters of the slaves.


Fourth, Biden claims that more government regulations of our energy supplies will help make us more competitive with governments that by comparison have no regulations. But that thinking and the polices related to it dramatically raised the price of our energy but trigged our inflation and increased the cost of everything. Our regulations not only made the world less green but turned over the pricing of oil from the US back to OPEC. By doing this one thing we placed billions on the planet into increased poverty. Those who claim to want to save the planet are not only not saving the planet, but they will create starvation on a massive scale and then blame it on climate change rather than not providing affordable energy for the poorest of the poor. Energy they need to live, eat, and have shelter.


Fifth, Biden is off again on more green spending, and waging war on oil, natural gas, clean coal when we have done more than another other nation on earth to smartly reduce our carbon footprint. The truth is these liberal green projects raise the cost of energy and place millions of lives at risk under the false fear that the earth will end in ten years if he does not save us all. In fact, the liberals have basically given their liberal billionaire friends billions in our taxpayer money to create green companies who are not really green in one of the biggest frauds in the history of humankind. They are pushing green faster than the reality of green technology. They want more electric vehicles and yet our electrical grid is beyond its max. And with green only energy, governments will have more control over every individual energy consumption on a daily basis. Green socialist thinking has done more to destroy America than any other group of elitists. The more you learn about green the less green, green really is. True green is coming but it is not ready for prime time and everyone in the energy business is trying to crack the code, everyone. When you push anything before its time you are pushing a failure. We are watching a failure to not understand the balancing of all our energy options and the delicate balance of human life. Those who push things faster than they are ready lie to do it… the lie is simple the world will end in ten years.


Sixth, Biden has an arrogance about him when he speaks because he is so sure he is right and at the same time denies the reality of the heat seeking warheads he fired that blew up our economy, our national security, and our international polices. These massive failures have now created conflict around the world and the US spending billions on the very wars his policies enabled and created. 


If ever we have had a king with no clothing walking around the Whitehouse, then Biden is the most unaware naked leader we have ever had. 


How clueless is he? Well in a recent CNN poll 90% of Democrats do not and will not support his run in 2024. Which is proof that the Democratic party is run by the 10% who are flat our socialist. I do not know a single Democrat who now does not regret their vote for Biden.


This is the core problem with liberalism, the proclamations of what they claim will work sounds great, the problem is the simple fact that they do not work. Even worse a single liberal policy then breaks down every other policy they integrate into. It is like a cancer that takes a healthy cell and makes it cancerous. As liberals break more, they then demand more power to fix what they broke. When they get more power, they then break more things at an increased rate until it fails like it always does. 


What is worse is liberals like Biden are completely in denial that they broke it, and they blame it back on the American people. And it is always the same blame game that we are a failure as a people because we are religious, or we are racists, or we are anti this or that, all of which are lies. Frankly, it is sickening they have been allowed to get away with this false narrative for 50 years. If you listen to a liberal long enough, you will believe you are a slave owner and to hate yourself for your color whatever that color might be. If you are conservative, you are too white and if you are a Black conservative, you are never Black enough. Liberalism promotes fake racism and in doing so hurt our abilities to deal with true racism.


Liberalism broke our southern border and as a result they are truly responsible for the 120,000 lives lost a year to drugs manufactured in China and distributed by the cartel. They are responsible for human and sex trafficking in the US and the cartel gangs in the US who have air coverage from the liberal elites. The human tragedy of all this is incalculable! I do not want to hear from liberals how compassionate they are because their policies are nothing more than human misery and genocide. 


Liberalism loves the national debt because with it you can collapse the US and transform it into a third-world country in a generation. We see it now reflected in our economy with inflation that taxes everyone but hurts the poor the most. 


Liberalism grows and protects criminal activity. When inflation rocks a nation crime naturally goes up. With liberal DAs allowing no bail requirements for criminal activities the criminals are out the same day ready to continue their crime sprees of death and destruction. Gangs now rule the streets of the liberal cities in America. Violent crime is now at an all-time high. This is the legacy of Liberalism.


Liberalism blew up our education systems and now we are ranked lower than ever before against the other countries of the world. Liberalism is not as interested in education as they are in indoctrination. And the horrible results of their failed policies are there for all to see.


Liberalism thrives on a double standard within the justice system. Justice based on political affiliation that promotes censorship and lands people in jail without due process and punishment that by comparison are cruel. 


Liberal Socialism is a clear and present danger to American which is why 90% of Americans know that something is really, really wrong right now.


The far left needs to be banish quickly. And the center left and right where the vast majority of people are at needs to step up and wear our true colors which is not red or blue, but red, white, and blue. One people who are united.


In the meantime, we will watch Biden continue to be sure he is right in a country that has proven that is not only wrong, but he is dead wrong. The vast majority knows it and now the vast majority needs to stop the insanity of it all. Remember liberalism gains power from promoting hate, division and blame then controls with bullets and debt. Do not deny what you can clearly see each day.


Just saying the obvious once again.

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