Biden speech insured the Big Red Wave they feared

I listen to President Biden speech four times. And each time I listened to it I was more stunned than the previous time. I listen to it several times because I wanted to make sure I was understanding his message correctly, and completely. After I listened to it, I knew I was going to comment on it, but I wanted to be fair. Going into his speech the media presented it as the Soul of America. So, I was honestly expecting some sort of inspiring speech about America. The backdrop was Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. I have been to that place and truly world history was changed in that place for it was there as our founding fathers placed their lives, families, and wealth on the line. Many lost their lives, some lost their wealth, and others lost their families for the fight of independence and freedom. So, my expectation was hopeful that I would listen to something that would inspire me. And yes, even though I am a big Trump fan based on his American friendly policies that clearly worked, I still want the current President to be successful and I do want and need him to inspire me. While I lean politically one way, I am truly America first no matter who is President.

A few days prior to this national speech I heard Biden in two small speeches where he seriously trashed talk Trump supporters. He used words like these MAGA republicans are radicals, semi-fascists and then claimed they were traitors of democracy. I am used to hearing the political elites name calling each other and blasting each other up verbally. The truth is US politics is a blood sport, and the political elites play the game of stoking the flames of hate of their followers towards their opponent. The hate of Donald Trump the man movement created by the DNC is extremely powerful and real. Instead, they got tens of millions to believe that the hate of Trump is somehow equivalent to love of America. The hate Biden policy movement created by the RNC is real but not nearly as powerful because it is policy focused not candidate focused. However, it was nearly eight years ago Hillary did something I do not recall in my lifetime by calling the followers of Trump the “deplorables.” She crossed a new line in politics by attacking voters directly and in crossing that line and it was one of many reasons that cost her the election.

The idea for a politician is to win votes, switch votes but never to name call or threaten the voters. It is an unspoken rule, its unspoken because its common sense and the obvious should never have to be written in a rule book. For example, I do not have to have a written rule that says do not push grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair. It is just obvious not to do that and not to attack millions of Americans who frankly are the loyal opposition and who love country more than self. I know plenty of people to the right and left of me politically, but I would never declare that I somehow love my country more than them because of my political views when I know they would all be in the same foxhole fighting to keep America free.

So, I turned on the TV to see the President’s speech the soul of America. I watch the President walk out of Independence Hall with his wife hand and hand to the podium. It was a dramatic setting, then an interesting thing happen to Independence Hall the lighting changes to blood red. I think to myself that seems like a harsh color background for a Presidential speech to the nation as I would have done, red, white, and blue. It turns out the color selection of blood red was a sign of the horrible things I was going to hear from him about me. Before I get into his talk there was something else that happened while he was speaking, which was protestors setting off sirens in the background, and protestors yelling into bullhorns F&%# Joe Biden. While I understand why people do it, I do not think it is not respectful to the office which for he holds. So, I did not like that, and I did not like it when it happened to Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton and so forth. There is a time and place for everything but that was not the time and place for protesting the office of the presidency.

It did not take long for President Biden to get to the heart of his speech that then remained the mainstay of his speech which was those that believe in Make America Great Again (MAGA) and who voted for Trump were a threat to democracy. I kept waiting for him to double back on that comment but instead he double down on that theme again, and again, and again. He wanted millions of his Biden followers to know for a fact that people like me are a threat to them. He even quoted a judge who he claimed said that people like me who would gladly lay down my life for God, Family and Country without hesitation was all of sudden a “Clear and Present Danger” to the nation. To be honest I was shocked, offended and upset. Because then he started to tell everyone what so called MAGA republicans believe and everything he said I believed I do not believe, and I do not know anyone who does.

Here is a funny thing, I never consider myself a “MAGA” anything, I do not use the word MAGA to describe me. But by the time Biden was done I was so upset that I decided yeah, I am going to be one of those Deplorable MAGA people that Biden decided to falsely claim was un-American. The reason is because “MAGA lives matter” too. It is the same kind of reaction one sees when the left demigod’s guns and gun sales go up and goes up each time, they do it. Today when I did not know anyone who identified themselves as MAGA anything I do not know anyone who voted for Trump that will now not double down on adopting the title of MAGA. Can you imagine being a traitor to America under the banner of let’s Make America Great Again. This was a very stupid move on Biden’s part because in one speech he set the GOP on fire by threatening all of them as fake enemies of the state.

I cannot tell you the number of times in my life I was shamed because of my religion believe by those who were not of my faith. It is interesting to me how others can declare boldly what others believe when they clearly do not have a clue. Everything they claimed I believed I did not believe. It was my faith and yet they were the expert. This is how tribalism is created, and tribalism always leads to conflict and conflict leads to violence. And so, it was with Biden who preached falsely of what millions like me believe in. I am not shocked at Biden trashing Trump, nor Trump trashing Biden. This trashing of the political elites by the political elites has been going on since John Adams and Thomas Jefferson trashed talked each other. But I was shocked to hear the President of the United States trash me and then make claims that I believe things that I do not. His comments were deeply personal, it was completely offensive, and it was a giant lie. It was biggest lie ever said about me, and millions of people just like me, it was designed to foster hate, division and for the first time I saw Bidens view of the soul of his new nation.

His portrayal of seventy-three million so called (MAGA) “Make America Great Again” Americans, was a completely false and dangerous. Imagine this, those who want to Make America Great Again are now the declared enemies of the United States by the President of the United States. Everyone knows a MAGA person, they are Moms, and Dads, School Teachers, Doctors, Firemen, Police Officers, Union Workers, they are Rich, and Poor, and Black and White, they are Asians, and Mexicans, they are just everyday Americans. So let me correct President Bidens claims of what MAGA Americans actually believe.

First, it is a false Biden claim to believe the MAGA movement is a small percentage of the GOP. In his dreams he wishes that, but MAGA is the vast majority of the GOP period. Like all political parties they have small fringes we call them RINO’s, and they are nothing more than a tiny sliver of the GOP. Whoever was sitting on the fence of declaring themselves MAGA like me was pushed to declare it when Biden in his talk pushed millions to declare themselves MAGA by falsely claiming them traitors.

Second, it is a false Biden claim to believe that the MAGA movement does not believe in the rule of law. The opposite is true, not only do we believe in the rule of law we are against the double standard of the law for political purposes which is currently rampant and obvious to most with eyes to see it. But what we have seen is the abuse of the law and the double standards proven false persecution of Trump. Even when the stack the deck with 100% democrats they cannot prove anything that was impeachable in fact what they proved was it was a false narrative.

Third, it is a false Biden claim to believe that the MAGA movement does not believe in the constitution or does not understand it and does not want to abide by it. The truth is that those on the right have been outspoken about the rights the woke left has been trying to erode for the last two years, basic rights like the right to free speech, the right to bear arms and the list goes on and on. Even those of the moderate left are starting to note basic rights like free speech have gone too far by the woke leadership of the far left.

Fourth, it is a false Biden claim to believe that the MAGA movement supported entering into the capital building. The truth like all gathers there are fringe groups who attend these things on the left and the right and they are disruptive. Because MAGA believes in the rule of law they believe those who broke the law should be prosecuted by the law. But they believe it needs to be equally applied. What they do not see is the same favorable treatment of protestors who broke into other federal building over the previous two years, as a result it appears if you are a Trump supporter who broke the law you are treated worse than a Biden supporter from BLM or ANTIFA who broke similar laws.

Fifth, it is a false Biden claim to believe that the MAGA members support violence, it is laughable when the democrats allowed $20 billion and over two hundred deaths over which nearly thirty were law enforcement officers and 1,000’s injured by protestors from within the BLM and ANTIFA movements. For two years democrat mayors and governors allowed it to go without check because it fit the agenda of the woke left.

Sixth, it is a false Biden claim to believe that somehow MAGA members are white racist supremacist. Frankly, it is sickening to see the left constantly tell the biggest lie of all. Millions of blacks voted for Trump, millions of Asians and millions of Mexicans did as well. It was the GOP under Lincoln that freed the slaves, and it was the Democrats who founded the KKK. It is the ugly past of the Democrats who claimed that all those KKK Democrats left the DNC and went to the GOP, its laughable.

Biden promised to bring the nation together, clearly, he failed. And the woke left press fearing Trump use him daily for 8 years to make him divisive and hated figure. But to do that they had to lie constantly; they must purposely take him out of context. Had the press focused on policies Trump would have been a hero but they could not and would not because he had switch political labels from the DNC to the GOP. And the once hero of the NAACP was not a racist. You know like Biden proclaiming if your Black and you do not vote for him you ain’t Black enough, talk about racism there it is on a platter and yet he gets a pass because he is a Democrat, and a Democrat cannot be a racist.

The truth the left knows that a red wave is coming… And Bidens speech was a vain attempt to split the GOP and perhaps slow the wave down. Instead, his talk had the opposite effect because who the hell wants to leave a party in power that believes half the nation is now traitors. When you call half the nation traitors you are in effect declaring civil war. Again, the media elites give it a pass, and if you compare Biden’s speech to the Trump January 6th speech you can see a vast difference and it is as clear as it can be who it is that is spreading the hate, the fear, and the intolerance, and it is sure not Trump.

The question is why is the Make American Great Again movement so upset with Biden and his left-wing socialist advisors? Well, the answer is simple. He and his minions broke everything they touched in the last two years. Therefore, even the majority of democrats give Biden a failing grade. There must be a point were what political party really does not matter. We need to quickly understand when it comes to our government that only policies and results matter. There must be a point when our nations unstainable border policy, unstainable spending, unstainable inflation, unstainable financing of foreign wars, unstainable high energy cost, unstainable crime, unstainable politicking of both medicine and science, and an educational system that continues with is record unstainable failure rates come to an end and end quickly. To be labeled as a traitor because you do not believe failing and bad policies should be allowed to drive our nation off a cliff is insanity.

If you get trigger by a MAGA hat, you my friend have other issues that have nothing to do with politics, I am not sure what that is, but I can tell you that Biden logo wear never triggered me. I would never think to confront anyone for who they support and start yelling at them or punch them or leave a room because they walked in. I would never unfriend anyone for their politics, but I will unfriend unkindness, bullying, name calling and shaming. I will not tolerate it around me from either the left or the right. Those are not political qualities those are defects, and I am not defective.

Finally, as I watched Biden give that speech four times what I did see in the end was a man who is not willing to Make America Great Again. He was willing to place party politics above America. And that is not what we need in a President. Here is what is interesting to me about Trump. He is not really a Republican, which is why RINO’s like Liz and Romney as well as others like them dislike him so much. He in my mind never placed party above country, it was for him always America first and it was clear in his policies. You can look at Bidens comments and compare them to Trumps tweets and there is no question Bidens comments were always more offensive, but because he has a D as his political symbol it is glossed over while Trumps comments were purposely taken out of context with the loudspeaker of the media outlets who in the end are paid with advertising dollars raised from their fear mongering. In other words, it is all about who funding who as to what then becomes paid for truth, which is why it will always be fake news paid for by those who benefit from it politically or corporately. When you buy the truth that is not the truth that is pure and simple propaganda. Which is what Bidens speech really was, nothing more than the propaganda of fear.

If you fear someone who believe in the belief that it is time to Make American Great Again, then you have been trained not to think but to be triggered with the simple political belief that the orange man is bad, and that those who vote orange man also bad. As for me Bidens policies are bad for all Americans and those who vote for him are not traitors they are simply trained to disbelieve what they see and instead believe what they are taught to feel.

As for me, I love my country, and it that is a crime, then please place me in a jail cell and throw away the key for I am justified in declaring love of country and love for the American people including those who see it all differently than I do. Let us Make America Great Again together…

Just saying the obvious once again.

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