The Injustice of the great Double Standard

There is something about a double standard that to my way of thinking is completely un-American. We see the creation of double standards among the political elites more than ever before. And these new double standards are really starting to upset tens of millions of Americans. The reason it is upsetting is because people feel like these double standards over time are designed to eventually target them based on their political views. This makes millions of people feel unsafe and distrusting of a government they want to trust but are now quickly losing confidence in. Increasingly Americans are now committed to self-silencing believing that self-censoring will keep them safe from a government they fear will overreach with its unlimited power. In other words, they are freely giving up on their own freedom of speech. They also know if too many people do that, that the idea of free speech will be a thing of the past.

The political elites who have created these woke double standards within the political landscape of our country seem to have a common belief, and that belief is that America is worthy of their contempt. These elites remind us daily of the sins of America’s the past, they do so as if those alive today created those sins and that depending solely on your race that one is the sinners or the victims of our collective past. Daily we are shamed as if vast improvements were not made with each new generation of Americans who have worked hard, fought wars, and created laws to form a more perfect Union. Despite that, daily we watch these political and media elites talk down to the American people as if they themselves are somehow morally superior and therefore more enlightened. In doing so they have bullied their way to increasing their control over most of the levers of the government. Double standards are always created to punish those who do not conform to the thinking and belief systems of those in power.

These self-righteous political elites supported by the media have proven in the last two years solely based their performance they do not know what they are talking about. The horrible result of their thinking is found within their failed policies that are now self-evident to all. Think about that, they have broken every system they have touch from the economy, to energy, to border security, to foreign policies, to destructive cultural policies, all of which have rip the nation apart and weakened us internationally. And yet with this failed performance as a backdrop, they want more power, more authority, and more influence over every aspect of our lives and are using the power of the double standard to get away with it all.

To pull off or legitimize the double standard these political elites have politically corrupted and weaponized the “leadership” of the FBI, the DOJ, DOE, HLS, and the IRS by installing those of the same political ilk, to ensure the political double standards of justice are implemented. In this game they are creating what appears to be the goal of a one-party political ruling class. However, the utopia that a one-party ruling class promises for all in the end as history has demonstrated is only a utopia of power for the elites and their friends.

This purposeful crashing of our former way of life is not because of ineptness. In truth this is a “controlled crash” with a purpose. Of course, the purpose of any ruling class throughout all human history is to have complete and total control of everything. In our case it was our national history purposely taken out of context so that they can teach millions the art of both national hate and self-hate. When you can make that happen then one can use guilt and shaming to control one’s thoughts, opinions, and speech through various degrees of guilt-based censorship until free speech is based solely on the elites approved controlled speech. Of course, the elites must have one political belief system that is forced through the implementation of double standard law enforcement, so that in the end blind lady justice is removed, and the justice of revenge is implemented.

To make this happen the elites must fundamentally change America by identifying the deplorables and then shame and bully them into complete compliance. Today nearly a hundred million Americans can feel how much these elites within our government hates them. They are smart enough to know if you react in a negative way against falsehoods of the elites the elites will claim you to be un-American and dangerous. It’s awful to feel you are on the list of “deplorables” as the double standard is being newly applied to all Americans who do not bow to the new state religion. It is a horrible feeling to believe that your government is teaching millions to hate you because you have a different political point of view. You know views like a smaller faster government that does not purposely create debt, and that cannot live within a budget, a government that gives up its security and self-reliance to our enemies. Over time you get these feelings in the pit of your gut that it is going to continue get worse and worse because working within the rules does not slow those who use the double standard as a work around, to speed up their power grab. Today they have the advantage of ensuring the rules you must live by do not apply to them. It’s not that they are above the law, its worse, they claim to be the law.

Like a frog in warm water who is comfortable and does not notice the slow rise in heat to a boil until it is too late. We are all now living within the warm water of the double standard comfortably and never believed that the double standard boil would really happen. Most simply felt that it had to only be a mere phase of crazy politics that comes and goes and every changing tide of politics. But something happened to the slow warm water tactic the elites had in play, something that made them switch to a fast-rolling boil. Something that they did not see coming but something that they created.

It was Donald Trump. You know the Democrat from NYC who had won every possible NAACP awards you can imagine from the Black community, one of the heaviest donors to the Democrats on the East Coast. Heck he was great friends with Bill and Hilary Clinton and was invited to their parties many times. Trump knew the inner cities and how they worked and did not work and how to fix what was broken quickly. Even better he could do it on time and under budget. Millions watched how he took sections of the inner cities and rebuilt them. He was not perfect, but he did have a flare for fixing things that were badly broken. He was so good at it they created a TV series on this unusual skill set he had.

Because of his TV personality, clearly driven by a view he had of himself, tens of millions either loved or disliked him. As for me at the I did not care either way, I saw some of this TV shows and they were interesting and clearly you could see he was plenty smart. I saw the Trump brand as I traveled through various cities and I found that most things, he touched he seem to fix or improve something that was broken. There were things he purchased that were broken before he purchased them, but the outside challenges that broke those businesses in some cases were issues outside of his control. Two examples come to mind his Casino in Atlantic City, and Trump airlines that he could not fix but he spent hundreds of millions to tried too. Nobody not even Donald wins 100% in business just like nobody ends up winning 100% of the time investing in the stock market. Clearly Trump had many more wins than losses that made him successful.

I have notice those that disliked Trump before he got into politics shifted from simply disliking him to hating him. It was hate, that was nationally taught for the sake of hate, he did the unpardonable, he switched parties. In that shift from dislike to hate the single party press minimize him and constantly criticized and purposefully took him out of context. Those who hated him are typically the people in the press who never built a single thing and in their world of a staggering set of non-accomplishments, they would declare themselves brilliant on all topics and him to be stupid. I always found that ironic that people who never built a thing always attacked those who did. They never saw the accomplishments but loved to wallow in the occasional failures of another to puff up their sense of self-importance and validated all they never accomplished.

It was during the Obama administration that fundamental shifts were happening in the background of how the government beyond the political realm. This was the purposeful process of weaponizing government agencies around a single political ideology. When one ideology becomes the way, you rule then the ideology will over time, will overrule the rule of law but claim it alone is the rule of law. The thing about people who become ideologues is they can justify anything, and they do. And this is when the appearances of double standards become the new rule of law because political ideologies become cult like, and cults are intolerant and demand the denial of self, to the complete compliance to a single ideology that must have power over everything.

When a single political ideology has the power to declare what is true in science, or what is good medicine, or claim they can control the weather to protect you they become a religion of the state. In that world the new state religion needs to see all your money, then control your money, and it is in that moment when you witness the god complex of those who claim to know the truth of all things, can solve all things but need your money to accomplish it. It is a cult, a radical cult that is addicting to millions. How addicting is it? Well even right now in the middle of its massive failures the new state religion declares it is nevertheless successful, despite the tangible evidence of the failures around us all. Tens of millions of faithful followers will deny what they are witnessing and in a series of mind-bending twisting of reality will completely justify the massive failures that broadsides their own lives with a tsunami like wave of social and economic upheaval. So rather than admit they got it wrong they double down on their blame game even when they are 100% in charge of the failed decisions they made. It is human nature to blame others for mistakes made.

But there was something about that day when Donald Trump came down the elevator to declare that he was going to run for President of the United States. If you want to know why he suddenly became a racist, business failure in one day, it was because he came down those stairs that day not as the Democrat that he had always been, but as a declared Republican candidate. But in truth he was not a Republican either, this was because most people within the Republican party were shocked and not trusting of any so-called former Democrat, he was at best an oddity in the political world, because by most accounts he did not have a chance of winning. Instead, he was great for the news organizations to sell advertising, Donald was a boon to the media business for many reasons. The reason for this was because he was a hybrid of both parties.

Few gave him a shot and saw it more as him trying to expand his brand and that it was surely nothing more than a gimmick. As he gained steamed and ran over the Republican field like a freight train, the DNC got into their battle stations to do their tried-and-true winning strategy by declaring he was old, he was white, he was rich, and he was a racist. The DNC then created messaging designed for the conservatives who they hated but they wanted them to hate Donald, so they pushed that he was from NYC, that he was rich, that he did not care about the little guy, that he was non-religious, and that he was a cheating playboy. As a result, Trump could not be a conservative. And that hate the liberals generated for Donald got white hot. Daily everything that could be taken of context was purposely taken out of context. And the hate machine of the vast media complex was gushing out more hate in a one-day news cycle than what a health human could endure for a lifetime.

Those who were caught inside that cycle of hate still hate him today. The true haters of Trump really have no idea what happened in the four years of his presidency from a policy standpoint. Results that were amazing for the country from a policy standpoint and the good it did for them personally. It did not matter, all they cared about was keep hate alive because that is what they were taught to do by a media that was redefining what the new democracy was. They could not see the good through their hate. Which is why hate can be used to justify the nonsense we see today.

On the other hand, Trump for tens of millions was keeping hope alive and proving to tens of millions that government could fix more than it had been breaking for decades. It almost does not matter the data point you pick there was no question that Trump’s policies were doing more for the American people than any other President in helping those who were looking for a way out of the liberal policies that ruined so many lives and big cities across America. Everything was improving for all races, genders, income levels as agencies were forced to perform like businesses trying to keep their clients happy rather than government agencies who were about keeping themselves happy.

I am not blind to the weaknesses of Trump, nor I am blind to the weakness of any person that I have ever known in my life including myself. But I do not wallow in the weakness of anyone. Those to the right of me want me to hate those to the left of me, and frankly I will not do that either. I am smart enough to avoid hate, for the sake of hate and know when hate is used to try to make me like others have hate in my heart of the sake of hate. If you find yourself full of hate politically then you are an ideologue and ideologues are the problem because hate never fixed a thing.

What I am not blind to is what good Trump accomplished, those caught within their cult like ideology cannot see it, will not see it, and refuse to see it. When you are taught to hate you really can see past the hate. I can name the accomplishments of every President in my lifetime including those I politically disagreed with. I never allowed the media or a political party to create hate in my heart. But that is how I operate and think. I do not want to get so emotional about political issues that I am triggered into justifying hate.

Up until presidency of Trump, the little people like me could start to see a double standard happening but it really did not impact our lives all that much. But the shock of shocks happened the left did not see coming. Trump won. But what was it that made Trump such a threat to the socialist leadership who had hijacked the democratic party? Well, it this simple fact. Trump was not even a republican. It turns out that Trump had political views that from my perspective to be one fourth Democrat, one forth Republican, one fourth Libertarian and finally one fourth Independent. The combination of these political views gave him something most of the political elites did not have when it came to policies, common sense, and common sense is extremely rare in political circles. He was a threat to all things political because common sense is not political.

What made him a danger to all political parties was the simple fact that he was not a politician, he thought in terms of fixing things quickly like he did in business. Things that would impact American lives for the greater good. The hate meter was turn up to a nuclear core level when the liberal socialist media could not control his views, his speech, and his commonsense policies to their socialistic views. The media loves to control the views of the political elites and it was not working with Trump. And he was doing to the media daily that which they were doing to him, and they hated him for it. The funny thing about the media is what they hated most about him is he copied them. Something had to be done… He was doing what he said he was going to do and was keeping his promises. In the world of politics this diminishes one’s power if you actually fix something. The political elites have promised to fix the same things for the last 60 years and have yet to fix any of it and we all know it. If you fix things, you lose your power to control more things. Therefore, the political elites break things at a faster pace than they fix things.

The left helped weaponized those with great power within government agencies to abuse the system with the implementation of the great double standard. People This is when the ideology of a political cult can and will justify everything and anything. The double standard was implemented on Donald Trump with two fake impeachment hearings, the January 6th hearing, and the raid on his home. Now some within the government are calling for Trumps execution, for what? They do not say but they first set up a trial balloon and then push for execution but really want him to be put down so that he cannot run again. Or damage him enough politically that people like me will not support him out of fear. That is me to crazy talk when they talk about execution when every claim, they have made has been wrong and false which is why the impeachment did not work, one while he was in office and the second one to impeach a person not even in office, now that is crazy hate. The January 6th show has no cross examination, no lawyers for Trump, none of his witnesses, in other words a President who was purposely left without a defense. The charges of guilt were in place before the hearing because it is idealogues who had all declared his guild before the hearing took place. It is a joke and how third world countries work. Everyone knows that it is a double standard and everyone with common sense knows it is manufactured to place him in check.

The left in power at the FBI, the DOJ, and other government agencies did not care that Bill Clinton was a playboy in the oval office, the left did not care that Hillary had top seceret information, or that she deleted it, or that it was in a nonsecure bathroom. The left did not care about Bidens quid pro que in Ukraine, the left did not care about Hunters laptop, the millions he made from foreign governments like Russia, China, or Ukraine. Or that is showed his illegal drug use, firearm violations, or sex abuses. The left did not care about Adam Schiff false testimony, or use of the DNC paid for the fake documentation used by the FBI. The left not only did not care but justified riots and destruction of billions in private and federal property. The left did not care about Maxine Watters hate fill speeches to violate the safe spaces of conservatives, nor did the left care that Chuck Schumer reckless remarks about specific Supreme Court Justices. The left does not care about US Congressman Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese Spy while serving of the Intelligence committee. And the left does not care how while serving in congress Nancy Pelosi created a net worth of $200 million. Even worse is the fact that those who protect them are protected and are not raided, reviewed, or questioned by the FBI.

This is the great political double standard that all can see it. If you are an idealogue of the left you give it a strong pass, if you are an idealogue of the right you believe this is like declaring war on right vs wrong. And if you are center right or center left this is seen as unfair and the law is the law regardless of your personal feelings. When you look at what is happening to Trump this is not equal justices under the law, this the application of political revenge to destroy not only an individual but a series of political parties.

The democratic party for example was destroyed from within by a radical socialist movement that forced the leadership of the democratic party to bend towards socialism for in theory the so called greater good. That radical movement is not wanting to destroy the republican party, the libertarian party, and the independent party. What is not understood is that socialist seek to destroy all the political parties hiding it all within the democratic party for now. This is what they do, and it corrupts everything it touches, and is why American policies are for now shattered and broken and right is wrong and wrong is now right…

I am just a simple American, I do not buy into the America is a raciest nation, I do not buy into hate America first agenda of the hard cold socialist who teach hate, thrive on hate, and have built an American last agenda that will lead to our nation’s destruction. Therefore, the double standard regarding President Trump is so dangerous and bad for America. When you see that a President with the best policy and performance track-record dragged through the hot fiery coals of hate and done so strictly out of politics that is when you know that you are next. Therefore, people like me no longer trust the intention of the government and or the political elite both of which rule over us not represent us.

The equal application of the law if not done is not the rule of law it is the rule of corruption and in the end, it will turn even on those on the left, because one will never be left enough for a true socialist. Yep, I am speaking up, yep it places a target on me. Yep, if the left is allowed to go radical enough then I could be good to jail the rest of my life for merely expressing an opinion of what seems wrong to me. But do you know what? My right to speak out against the obvious double standard would be worth spending the rest of my life in a small jail cell with my freedom of speech and thought in tack. And yes, I would be willing to lay my life on the line for it and declare that I would regret that I have but one life to lay down for a country that I loved that has lost its way…

I know lots of people read my Facebook posting which are then published articles in NYC. So, for me it is like running up the hill to take on of enemy’s fire on my free speech. While I hope that others encourage me are also following me up to the high ground. But really, I do not mind if I turn around and that everyone is bending down acting like they are tying their shoelaces to hide from the enemy’s fiery darts. I get it, I use to watch others speak out when I was tying my shoelaces, but now I will not slow down to take the mountain top of ideas and free speech. I will take the hill.

Just saying the obvious one again.

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