9/11 Memorial and 5K run

49th Precinct 9/11 memorial and 5K Run Across Pelham Parkway

By Robert Press

A cool Saturday morning greeted those who came to the 49th Precinct 9/11 memorial and 5K run sponsored by the 49th Precinct, the 49th Precinct Council, and Simone at the Hutch Metro Center.


The 49th Precinct Community Council as they prepare for the annual 5K 9/11 Run, (L – R)
Andrea Seigel, Hazel Mura, Joe Thompson, Phyllis Nastasio, Elio Morales, and Brian.



49th Precinct Community Affairs officer James Graham reads off the names of officers who perished in the 9/11 attack. 


Pastor Jay Gooding offers a prayer as people bow their heads.

Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez says a few words during the 49th precinct 9/11 memorial.

The 2022 49th Precinct 5K 9/11 Memorial Run across Pelham Parkway to White Plains Road and back is off. 

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