NIDC Bookbag Giveaway

NIDC Bookbag and School Supplies Giveaway 

By Robert Press

Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corp., District Leader Remy Salas, and Stanick Law handed out two-hundred bookbags with needed school supplies inside at PS 96 in the Bronx Park East section of the Bronx on Saturday. 

There were about another fifty parents on line when the supply of bookbags ran out and District Leader Salas took down names and emails to let the parents know when he was going to have more. He said he will be doing another bookbag giveaway at PS/MS 98 before school starts. 


(L – R) Lean Stanick, Remy Salas, and the NIDC crew, with some of the 200 bookbags on the table in front of them. 
An NIDC staffer shows some of the school supplies packed inside the bookbags.

Parents signed in with the number of children they had with them.

The children then picked out the color bookbag they wanted.

These children show off the bookbags they chose.

It was a long line of parents and children. more than there were bookbags to give out.

The bookbags that didn’t fit on the table were soon put out, as all two-hundred were gone in thirty minutes.

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