Governor Lee Zeldin Comes to Parkchester 

Governor Lee Zeldin Comes to Parkchester 

By Robert Press

Many of you might be questioning why the headline says Governor Lee Zeldin comes to Parkchester when Early voting started on Saturday October 29th. That is because in many polls the two candidates are in a dead heat after current Governor Kathy Hochul had enjoyed a huge lead at the beginning of the campaign. In fact current Governor Hochul is now calling herself the underdog. 

It is the failing policies of the current occupant of the Governor’s Mansion that candidate Lee Zeldin pointed out. A failed No Cash Bail Law that has led to an increase in crime, lower performance in the public schools, and people who are in positions to uphold the law but are not doing it calling out Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

Zeldin said that he would use the power of Executive order to declare a public safety emergency to suspend the No Cash Bail Law, fire District Attorneys who do not do their job, and raise the cap on charter schools. Governor Zeldin was joined by a former colleague  from the state senate Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr., 34th State Senate candidate Samantha Zherka, and Mohammed Mujumder a leader in Parkchester’s Bangledesh community, Mr. Yahay Obeid a leader in the Little Yemen community with many people from the Parkchester and Little Yemen communities. 

Governor Zeldin was questioned by the media present from the time he got out of his car until the time  he got back into the car to go to the next event on his busy schedule. Lee Zeldin has the backing of the Republican and Conservative Parties. 


Lee Zeldin greets  former State Senate colleague Ruben Diaz Sr. as reporters await to ask questions of future Governor  Zeldin



As he enters the hall Governor (to be) Zeldin is greeted by cheering members of the Parkchester community.

Ruben Diaz Sr. introduces the next governor Congressman Lee Zeldin. (L – R) 34th State Senate candidate Samantha Zherka, Bronx Republican Chair Michael Rendino, Ruben Diaz Sr., Candidate for Governor Congressman Lee Zeldin, and Bronx Conservative Party Chair Patrick McManus. 


Candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin tells those gathered what is wrong currently with New York State and what he plans to do on Day one as Governor of the state.


Candidate Zeldin answers listens to a member of the audience ask what can be done about the crime situation in New York.


As he is about to get into his car to go to the next stop Lee Zeldin is answering  questions about what he will do as the new governor of New York State.
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