Al’s Article

By Al D’Angelo

The elections are over, and the people have spoken. Congratulations to the winners and a thank you to all who participated in the election process. All who ran pledged they would work with the opposing party; I hope that happens for the good of the country. “We are better together” and we need our elected officials to do what’s best for their constituents not their party. The Bronx is facing an uncertain future and we look to our elected officials to fight to make the Bronx a better place to raise our families. The Bronx leads all other boroughs in crime, battered woman, poverty, lack of education, health services and unemployment. We also lead all other boroughs in homeless shelters and group homes. We implore our political leadership to put the people of the Bronx before special interests and political expediency. It’s time for the leadership of our borough to stand together and reject more social experiments until our present residence receive adequate housing, our battered women are cared for, our children receive a proper education, health care is available to all our residence and the crime problem is addressed so our children are safe, and our people are not fleeing the Bronx. We have heard all the clichés “The boogie down Bronx”, “The Bronx is bouncing back” and we have seen our quality of life deteriorate. It is sad when the people living in certain areas welcome shelters because they replace crack dens and rat-infested vacant buildings. In stead of a shelter how about a community center, instead of a group home how about a school. We should be working to bring industry to The Bronx so people can get jobs and rise up from poverty and allow them to dream of a better future for their families. This takes work and dedication from our leaders; it is not a quick fix and it may take years and it may not be politically expedient but it’s the right thing to do.

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