Nurses Union Strike at Montefiore Hospital – Day Two

Nurses Union Strike at Montefiore Hospital – Day Two

By Robert Press

On a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, day two of the Nurses strike against Montefiore Hospital’s all three campuses, I came upon over one hundred nurses who were protesting in the street in front of 1825 Eastchester Road, better known as the main building of the Einstein campus of Montefiore Hospital.

Why were the nurses on strike? They were protesting several things that they say are wrong with their working conditions at Montefiore Hospital. The demands go beyond decent pay raises I was told, the demands include patients over profits, smaller staff to patient ratio, more staff hired, no patients placed in hallways, which I was told is a way of double billing for rooms, and that every patient be treated as a VIP. 

During the time I was outside the Montefiore Einstein Campus on Eastchester Road various nurses came up to speak and criticize Montefiore Hospital. I tried to talk with someone from the hospital, such as the well paid media spokesman the former Bronx Democratic Party Leader Marcos Crespo or the new voice of Montefiore Hospital the well paid former Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., I was stopped before I got near the entrance by Montefiore Hospital security who said that I was on private property, and asked to leave. It has been reported that Montefiore Hospital was still talking to the nurses union, and it is possible that by the time you read this the strike could be over.



Nurses are in the street, and on the sidewalk outside the Einstein campus of Montefiore Hospital on Eastchester Road on strike and protesting.
One by one union leaders spoke from the various departments at Einstein Hospital.
Here the Neonatal care unit complains of short staffing, that more nurses are needed.

At various times the nurses would march up and down the street outside the Einstein Campus of Montefiore Hospital.


After marching the nurses came back to protest some more.

In the background one can see security and management watching the nurses as they demonstrate for better working conditions.
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