The military woke are asleep at the wheel!

I am just a citizen of the United States. It used to be being a citizen meant something in this country. It meant that you had a say. The more I look at DC the more I see and understand that none of us have a say because our representatives largely ignore most of what Americans want regardless of political affiliation.

I bring this up because I am watching the “woke” leadership of our military completely asleep at the wheel when it comes to our national security. We have currently a Chinese ballon with a satellite array beneath it flying over our sovereign airspace.

We then learn the Chinese have done this before. And when they did it before we also did nothing then. Talk about a weak and naive military that doesn’t have the common sense to shoot it down.

The Chinese say it a private sector ballon for weather. Yeah right, like who would believe that the Chinese had any business that isn’t own by the Chinese communist party. 

I know if I was our national leader I would without question shoot it down. Nobody spies the the Chinese, they frankly are smarter than us and more committed than we will ever be. All you have to do is look what they have accomplished in the last 20 years and you know they are not messing around and are actively seeking to the dominant super power on the planet. I sure wouldn’t bet against them and I wouldn’t bet on us because I don’t believe our leadership is either smart or competent.

If they were we wouldn’t be in the total mess we are today. Try as I may I haven’t one good thing to say about our government lately other than they continue to fail the American people on a massive scale. No Generation of any country ever on earth was given more and none wasted it all faster than us. It is discouraging because we are no longer safe and the Chinese ballon flying freely overhead is just more proof how weak we are and how weaker we will become.

Let’s say the genius’s that think electric everything is the way. Let’s say China floats several balloons with EMP’s at the core and sets the off and fries everything electrical, we would be sitting ducks. Or how about they release a virus. The list is endless which is why we are stupid to allow it to even reach our shores.

As a citizen I have learned three things that I believe are true. My voice doesn’t count, my vote doesn’t count, and my government will continue to fail me and all of us as they continue to ruin everything that made America great.

What we have is a circus in DC and today it is the largest clown show on earth. And it’s only a matter of time before all us will see the dire situation the political, media, and corporate elites sold us all down the pike…

I have faith we will recover, but real change will not come until Americans feel the completeness of the real failure that will bring a higher level of real pain that cannot be hidden hidden by the woke, the incompetent, the greedy, and the powerful…

So when you see that ballon, the new overlord is looking over the biggest prize of all. The collapse of America that they ushered in by using our greed and lust for money to blindly give it all away to them…

Just saying the obvious we can all see and we don’t need a satellite from space to see what is on the ground here within our own nation…

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