Biden Border Policy Endangers Nation

Biden Border Policy Endangers Nation


President Biden’s open border policy is costing the taxpayers billions, enriching criminal cartels, increasing human trafficking and fentanyl use, and allowing international terrorists to enter the nation.

Biden, his Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and their Congressional supporters, rather than address the issue, dishonestly allege that the border is “under control.”  The facts clearly demonstrate otherwise. Chief Raul Ortiz, the chief of the U.S. Border Patrol,  has testified that his agency does not have “operational control” over the border.

Recently, the House Committee on Homeland Security held a hearing on the issue in Texas.  Not a single Democrat showed up.

House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) described the reason for the meeting: “4.7 million encounters, 1.3 million ‘gottaways’– we don’t know who those people are, where they are, but in the encounter number we know drug seizures are up, individuals on the terrorist watch list are up. All at record numbers. Six million people.  In just the two years of Secretary Mayorkas’ reign at DHS, more people have come into this country than all of the eight years of the Obama presidency and all four years of the Trump presidency combined.”

The encounter numbers show dramatic increases in illegal drug criminals crossing into the U.S., as well as individuals on the terrorist watch.  In just the two years of Secretary Mayorkas’ tenure at DHS, more people have come into this country, six million, than all of the eight years of the Obama presidency and all four years of the Trump presidency combined.

Chairman Green states that “It is clear to me, in violation of the laws written by the United States Congress, passed and signed by previous presidents, this secretary of DHS wants nothing more than to flood the country with people. And the problem with that is, it has empowered the narco-human trafficking terrorist cartels. The drug cartels who just captured and killed a couple of Americans and are making billions bringing people into the United States, many of whom once they’re here have to pay the cartels back with forced criminal labor. The cartels put out advertisements all over the world, $50,000 if you’re coming from China, $30,000 if you’re coming from Iran, $10-$15,000 if you’re coming from Central America. They then flood those people in mass waves just like we saw in El Paso this week, compelling the Border Patrol to focus its resources at the Ports of Entry. To use a military term, the cartels are neutralizing Customs and Border Patrol by forcing them to thin the lines in the rural areas. Then the fentanyl and the nefarious folks that they are trafficking into the United States come across in rural areas.”

There is little hope that, despite the criminal devastation and national security threat, the White House will  change its policy. According to a budget analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform “Not content with the $151 billion that American taxpayers are already on the hook for to illegal aliens every year, President Biden’s budget cuts the Department of Homeland Security’s budget by one percent to a level of $60.4 billion.”

Other provisions include: $7.3 billion to the Office of Refugee Resettlement to support a goal of admitting 125,000 refugees while asylum seekers flood the southern border; $430 million to the Department of State to promote the radical Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, $150 million to bolster the efforts of legal advocacy organizations and make immigration proceedings “more equitable,” and funding to hire an additional 460 “processing assistants” at CBP and ICE to more efficiently welcome in illegal aliens.

Frank Vernuccio serves as the editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy and Government

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