We are not what the political elites say we are.

I feel a strong urge to express myself more openly and honestly about what I observe, experience, and comprehend. As a person like me, it’s not easy to openly discuss my emotions, but today I want to share my love for being an American. I genuinely respect our flag, the brave individuals who serve our nation, and our complex history, with all its ups and downs. I have a deep affection for blue jeans, pickup trucks, baseball, country music, bustling cities, and rural America. I cherish diners, fast food, Marvel movies, and the Disneyland of old. My heart is filled with fond memories of being a Boy Scout, attending school, and going to church. I find joy in celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the Fourth of July. I take pleasure in reading, sitting by a fire, sipping hot cocoa, watching the rain fall, and playing my piano for hours on end. Creating music, poetry, and artwork that resonates with others brings me immense satisfaction. I love cooking, sharing meals, and embracing creativity in the kitchen. The sight of the ocean, vast farm fields, or a serene mountain lake fills me with awe. My love extends to my family, friends, neighbors, and all the people I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years. All these aspects of my life represent what it means to be an American to me.
However, I must admit that my trust in my government, which no longer feels like a representative of the people, has been shaken to its core. I have always been skeptical of conspiracy theories, as they often lack concrete evidence. But for the first time, I find myself questioning whether my own government sees me as some sort of an enemy. It’s disheartening to feel at odds with an institution that was designed to protect me. The government’s heavy-handed actions seem to be directed towards millions of people like me, even though all we have collectively done is lived our lives by following the rules.
I haven’t changed much as a person. I still hold the same loves, values, and desire to do good and avoid harm. What has changed big time is my government’s insatiable appetite for more money, power, and control over every aspect of our lives. There seems to be no limit to the government’s hunger for control, while we all yearn for more of the freedom of our past. It’s a stark contrast that leaves millions like me feeling uneasy.
I am well aware, as are those around me, that our government is overspending and wasting trillions of dollars. The national debt poses a significant threat to our security, yet our so called representatives seem to be doing nothing to protect us from the impending consequences. The concept of a “reset” looms ahead, and I fear that what we think we own and what we consider secure may not be either as we perceive. The end of the government spending road is approaching, and those who control the world’s debt will attempt to use that debt they created as a means of control. Those who controlled creating the debt have a bad habit of trying to control the world with that debt. Perhaps we should created our own reset button to counter their reset button.
However, it’s not just about debt. The government is also exerting control over our free will and our free speech. They manufacture divisions among us, just as they manufacture debt. I find myself labeled as an enemy of the state due to my age, race, religion, political views, value systems, and my refusal to comply without question. Governments that seek to control and censor opposing views will not tolerate dissent. Without free speech devoid of censorship there is no freedom.
So, let me make it clear to anyone who shares my concerns about the current administration claims regarding people like me:
No, I am not a racist, and neither is America. The diversity displayed by Team USA at the Olympics is a testament to that. It is a lie to say America is racist. And those that lie are trying to control the narrative to create an army of victims they can control.
No, I am not a product of white privilege. I have faced hardships, including homelessness, financial struggles, and a difficult upbringing. My life has been far from privileged. However, I do consider it a privilege to be born an American, having witnessed the conditions in 119 other countries. White privileged is designed to create guilt from which again those who control the narrative can use guilt to control others.
No, I refuse to separate my religious and political beliefs. I am a complete individual, and my core identity encompasses both aspects. I will not compromise or suppress any part of myself for the sake of conforming to government or religious expectations. I am a whole thinker, capable of respecting differing views while maintaining my own. I will not let the elites shame me for their cult like speech of my personal beliefs.
No, I am not anti-government, but I am vehemently against corrupt government. I can recognize corruption when I see it, whether it’s through unjustified wars, divisive leadership, or the manipulation of hate. Corruption always yields terrible results, and I see it prevalent in our society today. Those who have corrupted our government should be banished from public service, for the serve the few at the expense of the many.
No, I do not believe that political elites possess the power to control the weather. Throughout history, such claims have required sacrifices and led to further justifications. The current narrative surrounding climate change is no different. It serves as a tool for those in power to control industries, money, and ultimately, people’s lives. I refuse to be swayed by such tactics. I believe in clean air, land, and water and don’t need the use of fear to preach the false narrative that every ten years the world will end. They have been wrong now on their ten year end of the world scenario for seven decades. 
No, I do not believe that removing statues erases history. History is meant to be learned from, not denied or avoided. Taking things out of context can lead to hatred, but my goal is understanding and the pursuit of a more perfect union. I do not wish to be surrounded by individuals who are perpetually offended by everything. This victimhood mentality is a creation of the political elite, who exploit it for their own gain.
No, I do not believe our government needs more laws beyond the tens of thousands already in place. I also do not trust the government to protect me as well as I can protect myself. If the government does not trust me with a gun, how can I trust them with more powerful weapons?
No, I do not believe in a government that allows corporations to censor individuals based on political differences. The government is not a source of absolute truth; it is merely a collection of opinions, just like mine.
No, my opposition to illegal immigration does not equate to opposition to immigration as a whole. It is a matter of upholding the law. I take issue with government officials who selectively choose which laws to follow based on their political agenda. Open borders only benefit cartels involved in drugs, human and sex trafficking, and other criminal activities. I also believe that terrorists exploit our porous borders, posing a threat to our national security. 
No, I do not believe that voter ID laws are racist or suppressive. They are necessary to protect the integrity of the voting process. One vote per legal citizen should be the standard. Unsolicited mail-in ballots and inaccurate voter databases are breeding grounds for fraud. Fair, free, and transparent elections should be our priority, with thorough audits to ensure accuracy. It is naive to think that voting systems cannot be hacked, considering the numerous cybersecurity breaches we witness daily.
In summary, I feel betrayed by our government officials. They do not have our best interests at heart, and their actions often remain hidden from the public. We are hurtling towards a wall at full speed, and when we inevitably crash, it will be a rude awakening for all. Trust but verify, as Reagan once said, applies not only to external powers but also to our own government. The deep state, which I once dismissed, now seems pervasive in every aspect of our lives. We are constantly fed lies, and without the truth, we cannot be truly free.
My liberty and freedom lie in my ability to question everything, especially my government, which has proven itself untrustworthy. The government was never the solution; it has become the problem. We, the people, are the solution, and the government seeks to suppress our power and control us. It is up to us to reclaim our sovereignty and hold our government accountable.
I refuse to be silenced or censored. I will continue to speak out against injustice, corruption, and the erosion of our freedoms. I will exercise my right to free speech, even if it means facing backlash or being labeled as an enemy of the state. I will not be intimidated into conformity.
I will educate myself and others about our rights and the principles upon which this nation was founded. I will engage in peaceful activism, advocating for change and demanding transparency from our government. I will support candidates who prioritize the well-being of the people and the preservation of our constitutional rights.
I will not allow fear to dictate my actions. I will not succumb to the divisive tactics employed by those in power. I will seek unity and understanding, recognizing that we are all Americans, regardless of our differences.
I will cherish and protect the values that make this country great. I will celebrate our diversity, our resilience, and our shared pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. I will honor the sacrifices made by those who came before us and strive to leave a better future for the generations to come.
Being an American means embracing the responsibility that comes with freedom. It means standing up for what is right, even when it is difficult. It means valuing truth, justice, and the pursuit of a more perfect union. It means never losing faith in the power of the people to effect change.
So, today, I declare my love for America and my commitment to preserving the principles that make it exceptional. I will not let the actions of a corrupt government tarnish my love for this country. I will continue to fight for a better America, one that upholds the values of freedom, equality, and justice for all.
Together, we can reclaim our power, as previous generations of Americans had to do to restore our government to its rightful purpose, and ensure that the American dream remains alive for generations to come.
Just saying the obvious once again!
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