The two party system is breaking America

The issue with both the Republican and Democratic parties lies in their political apparatus. Both parties’ systems are sluggish, tainted, and no longer cater to the needs of the American populace. This political apparatus exists solely to safeguard the two-party system, regardless of the cost, which will inevitably be shouldered by the American people. For over 150 years, both parties have oscillated their stances on the same issues. They do this to avoid conceding a victory to the opposing party, resulting in their inability to resolve any issues. The machinery that fuels both parties has inflicted more harm than good on the American people.
Both parties assert their moral superiority and claim to be fundamentally different. However, when one party is out of power, they criticize the ruling party for the same actions they themselves committed while in power. This makes these political parties the epitome of hypocrisy. Interestingly, when shown the outcomes of the policies their respective parties have endorsed (without revealing which party endorsed them), most Democrats and Republicans disagree with the majority of their own party’s views at the policy level.
This is the predicament of a system reliant on single-issue voters. This narrow focus on one policy by millions of voters often backfires, adversely affecting these voters on numerous other policies that significantly impact their daily lives. For instance, if you identify as a Democrat and abortion is your primary concern, your chosen political party can blindside you with policies that could lead to war, increased inflation, higher fuel and energy costs, increased crime, or unaffordable taxation. While it may seem paradoxical for a party to grant you your desired policy with your vote but simultaneously devastate you with that same vote, this strategy bolsters the power of that party’s political machine. Both parties are adept at exploiting their voters on emotionally charged issues to secure their election. Once in office, they pass laws on other non-emotional issues that enhance their political power and significantly impact your daily life. Unless you examine the history of both political parties over time, you will remain oblivious to their manipulation of your vote based on the single issue they used to lure you in. The Democratic party, in particular, has mastered this art of political maneuvering, with the Republicans gradually catching up.
The Socialist Democratic party today would prefer if their supporters were oblivious to the fact that it was their party that initiated World War I and II, dropped the Atom Bomb, and established internment camps for US Japanese citizens. They’d rather you didn’t know that they fought vehemently to maintain slavery, opposing Republican Abraham Lincoln, leading to the deadliest conflict in US history. They’d prefer you forget that southern Democrats founded, supported, and protected the KKK, and controlled the State Governments of the South during the civil war and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. They’d rather you didn’t remember that it was a Democratic Governor, George Wallace, who opposed school integration, or that they led the nation into the Vietnam war, and it was Republican Richard Nixon who extricated us. They’d prefer not to discuss how Jimmy Carter’s policies paved the way for radical Islamic rule in Iran and the spread of global terrorism, or how Bill Clinton’s appeasement allowed Osama Bin Laden to orchestrate 9/11. They’d rather you didn’t know that 70% of all civil rights laws since Lincoln’s time were authored and enacted by Republicans.
So, how do they avoid these discussions? The Socialist Democratic party machine deflects by accusing the opposition of the very actions they are committing. They’ve become so adept at erasing and rewriting history that they’ve convinced millions of Americans, and even themselves, that their own actions were actually those of the Republicans. By repeatedly labeling a group of non-racist as racist, the label begins to stick, as exemplified by the KKK, which was founded by Democrats but is now falsely associated with Republicans.
The new Socialist Democrats have managed to define the Republicans more by what they aren’t doing than by their actual actions. The perception created by the Democrats often overshadows the reality. Many Democrats even mistakenly believe that Lincoln, the founder of the Republican party, was a Democrat.
Democrats avoid discussing the billions of dollars funneled into their party by Soros and Zuckerberg through foundations, which often contribute to inner-city conflicts. Instead, they amplify their criticism of the Koch brothers to distract from the very voter corruption they frequently decry. Democrats have successfully portrayed Republicans as the party of the rich, while they represent the working-class Union members.
However, if you examine the wealthiest Americans today, you’ll find that most are Democrats who own Hollywood, tech giants, global banking firms, Wall Street investment firms, media conglomerates, and more. Over the past 20 years, Democrats have significantly outpaced Republicans in fundraising for local and national campaigns. The Socialist Democrats of today are not the Democrats of the past, and they are now controlled by the wealthy in ways the Republican party never was.
I have a question for my friends who support the Democratic party. How did the Clintons amass a net worth of over $120 million within eight years of leaving the White House, without owning a single company that produced goods or services? One of the things they did was establish a Foundation that, at one point, had over $2 billion in cash. However, they still receive payments for services that only billionaires can afford. This raises concerns about political corruption. The Clintons are not the only ones who have profited from their political careers. Many political elites, both Democrats and Republicans, have used their prior status to benefit themselves financially. It’s difficult to see the behind-the-scenes deal-making among these elites, but it seems like they have decided which party plays the role of the good cop and which one plays the bad cop in order to maintain their power.
The Democrats have been taken over by socialist elites who often resort to playing the race card to shut down honest debates and divert attention from their own history of racism. They even teach that all the racists from the 1960s left the Democratic party and became Republicans, which is why they claim Republicans are racist. This is a false narrative, considering the Democrats have had their fair share of racists as well. The fact that the socialist left has gained control of the Democratic party shows how a faction within a party can change its course. While there may be some alignment between the KKK and moderate Republicans on certain issues, the GOP has completely rejected the KKK as a radical group, just like the Democrats have. It’s important to note that socialists have been responsible for more mass deaths around the world than the KKK. Neither group should be tolerated.
Democrats are masters at creating political divides that don’t actually exist. They manufacture issues like the so-called war on women and wage disparity, claiming they will lead the way to equality. They even passed laws to ensure equal wages regardless of gender, yet wage disparities still exist within the Democrat White House. It’s ironic that Democrats pay women less than their Republican counterparts on Capitol Hill, contradicting their own rhetoric. Another manufactured issue is voter registration. Democrats oppose voter ID laws, calling them racist and claiming they suppress votes. However, the only reason not to have voter ID laws is to enable cheating. Without proper identification, it’s nearly impossible to detect voter fraud. It’s like saying we shouldn’t have laws to prove one’s identity when withdrawing money from the bank, and then claiming there’s no proof of bank fraud because there are no laws to support it.
Both parties systems are corrupt, and it’s evident when you follow the money trail. Party leaders of both parties control the funds of their respective parties and can withhold financial support from politicians who don’t align with their interests. This leads to politicians voting based on the preservation of their own power rather than the best interests of the people they represent. The idea that we have hundreds of individuals serving in Congress is laughable when they vote as a bloc, dependent on party leadership for funding and support. It’s clear that neither party has the people’s best interests at heart. That’s why I consider myself an Independent with libertarian leanings, advocating for a small government, no debt, lower taxes, and more power to the states. While my dislike of the socialist Democratic Party is greater than the Republican Party who plays along to get along, the real issue is the machinery of the two party system, which is designed to break America. And the deep state of the government is running circles around both parties doing whatever they please.
It’s important to recognize the flaws and corruption within both parties and strive for a more transparent and accountable political and government system.
Party leaders are known to reallocate funds from one district in a state to another in a different state, in an attempt to secure electoral victories from the opposition. This is done in a bid to maintain their political power, which in the realm of politics, is often more intoxicating than wealth. Once they’ve tasted power, irrespective of their party affiliation, they are reluctant to let it go. This is the flawed system that both parties exploit.
These so-called public servants earn an average of $180,000 annually from their public services, in addition to a $3 million office budget. They all maintain residences in DC, only returning to their home districts when re-election looms.
They’ve mastered the art of concealing excessive spending on frivolous projects by attaching them to larger, more crucial bills. If anyone objects to voting for the main bill due to the hidden wasteful projects, they are accused of voting against important issues such as the military, women, the poor, the sick, and the elderly. This is why congress members often vote in large blocks rather than as individuals.
The system is dysfunctional due to the duplicative structures of both parties, making it nearly impossible to accomplish anything. It’s not so much a battle between left and right as it is a struggle against the inherent structures of both parties. They’ve both corrupted themselves by design.
Both parties are equally guilty of buying elections. There’s nothing one party has done that the other hasn’t. They both claim credit for achievements they had no hand in and shift the blame for their own failures onto the other.
These two political factions used to dine and converse in the same congressional halls, but those days are long gone. The dining hall is practically deserted now. Both sides despise each other as they vie for political office, power, and income. They’ve done more to sow division and hatred in the country than any other group. Instead of discussing their plans for the American people, they resort to mudslinging. Their press releases are filled with 80% criticism of the other party, with little focus on nation-building.
Both parties share equal blame for the staggering $33 trillion national debt. This is their greatest transgression. They’ve turned us into their pawns, expanding the government and their staff to exert more control over our daily lives. The federal government today is omnipresent, omniscient, and intrusive, spying on every American. The Founding Fathers warned against granting too much power to those in service, as it would result in the people serving them instead. Unfortunately, we are now serving them, with little say in our taxes, social policies, education, war, energy, and finances. We are all unwittingly enslaved to the state, like frogs in gradually heated water, unaware of the boiling point until it’s too late.
This is the reason I advocate for term limits, suggesting Senators should only serve a single six-year term and Congress members should serve a single four-year term instead of the current two-year term. I also believe that the President should be restricted to a single six-year term. Furthermore, I propose the abolition of party leaders, voting blocks, and the transfer of political funds from one district to another. Funds raised within a district should remain there, with no external funding permitted. We should also prohibit political elites from seeking re-election while still in office.
This is why I argue against the flow of political money from corporations, unions, or wealthy individuals. I propose a maximum political donation of $100, deducted from your tax return if you so choose, and directed solely to your district. The reality is that the two political parties are controlled by the very election laws they established. They have positioned themselves as the political elite and created a system that allows them to remain highly paid as political lobbyists even if they lose their political positions. This is why I believe that DC representatives should reside in their districts, not in DC hotels, as the voice of the people is in their districts, not in DC. By living in DC, lobbyists can easily locate and manipulate them. If our political servants lived at home, lobbying firms would need to hire fifty times more staff, which they couldn’t afford, effectively dismantling this flawed political model.
The real losers in all this are the American people, who voted for those who then voted for more power for themselves. No other group has deceived the American public more than these two political parties. Not the banks, Wall Street, or the private sector; all combined have not deceived the American people more than our two-party system, which has collectively plunged us into over $33 trillion in debt.
So, to today’s Republicans and Democrats, I want to express, on behalf of the American people, our gratitude for your reckless spending. Thank you for neglecting your duties, for prioritizing your power over the power of the American voter. Thank you for your lack of common sense, for buying your way into office and buying votes to stay there. Most importantly, thank you for gradually stripping the average American of the American Dream over the last 60 years. Despite your efforts, Americans remain the most generous and charitable people on earth. Despite your attempts to divide us and incite name-calling, we have managed to recognize that we have more in common than not…
I am confident that after they have completely ruined everything, the everyday American will step in to fix it. We will do so by vowing never to let another group of elitists lead us as poorly as you have. We will learn to distinguish between a public servant and the politically elite who serve only themselves…
Just stating the obvious once more! 😏
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