Community Board 11 Juneteenth Event

Community Board 11 Juneteenth Event

By Robert Press

It was a nice sunny Saturday afternoon for the Community Board 11 Juneteenth event. The event was being run by the Co-Chair of the Budget Committee CB 11 member Staceyann Deleon and the Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee CB 11 member Cynthia Rodriguez. Other former board members who were involved in last years Juneteenth event also helped out. 

Various elected officials were in attendance as you will see in the photos. There was plenty of food on hand, and three cakes to enjoy this year in celebration of Juneteenth which was explained by North Central Bronx Hospitals Deputy Executive Director Alfredo Jones. An award was given to the  Co-Founder of WeRiseAs1 Willis Booda Dixon, and the Legacy Award was given to Community Board 11 Parks Committee Chair Janice Walcott. 



Assemblyman John Zaccaro recognizes CB 11 Parks Committee Chair Janice Walcott with a citation from the State Assembly.
State Senator Gustavo Rivera also presented CB 11 Parks Committee Chair Janice Walcott with a citation from the State Senate.

Former CB 11 Sergeant of Arms Malcom Gray presents Willis Booda Dixon with a citation. 

State Senator Gustavo Rivera played the role of a staffer to State Senator Nathalia Fernandez as she presented a State Senate citation to a surprised former CB 11 member Serina Munoz.

State Senator Rivera also helped fix the Happy Juneteenth banner as one side began to come away from the wall.


A group photo which included the two state senators, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (between them), the Acting Chair of CB 11, former and current CB 11 board members, and the honorees.  

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark stopped in to help celebrate Juneteenth.

CB 11 board member Cynthia Rodriguez cut the cake, as CB 11 board member Staceyann Deleon ate the first piece of cake. 

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