New York City is Ground Zero Again

New York City was ground zero on 9/11. It was planned and conducted by a group of radical religious ideologues with the goal of bringing a nation to its knees through religious terrorism. It was shocking because nobody anticipated the use of airplanes as weapons against iconic American buildings like the twin towers, the Pentagon, and the White House.
In the aftermath of 9/11, people realized that millions of individuals shared the same radical religious ideology and either openly or privately supported similar acts of terrorism. However, there were also millions who believed that their religion was hijacked to justify the evil of that day.
The reaction to 9/11 led the US and its allies to go to war, some justifiably and others not, ultimately exacerbating the situation. The justifications for 9/11 remain unchanged for those who support it, while the victims will always condemn it. The war waged for 20 years resulted in little change and only further resolve on both sides.
Memorials were built at ground zero, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania to honor the victims. However, hatred still persists, and plans to attack iconic buildings in the US are being discussed. The fear is that this hatred, fueled by our open borders, may already be present or on its way.
Now, a new kind of ground zero is approaching on 7/11 in New York City. It is the sentencing of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. This event was planned by a group of radical political ideologues who aimed to bring the nation to its knees through political lawfare, using double standards and fabricated victims. This attack on the rule of law and the US Constitution is reminiscent of the collapse of the twin towers, as the building blocks that made America are being rapidly destroyed.
Similar to 9/11, a realization has dawned upon many citizens that this act is supported by hundreds of thousands with the same radical political ideology. While some are vocal about wanting further attacks on those they disagree with politically, many within their party silently support these radical views. Others believe their political party has been hijacked to justify this double standard of justice.
The frightening aspect is when millions justify anything based on their perceived moral superiority and believe that the end justifies any means necessary. Actions often lead to reactions, and now millions are mobilized, fearing that they too will be targeted by this double standard. This may lead to a war within the legal system, employing judges and DAs of the same political ideology to wage war on their opposition. The unintended consequences of such actions are concerning, as those who justify 7/11 will continue to do so, while the victims will forever condemn it. Hatred within the country is growing, and it is evident to all.
This danger arises from a legal system that bases the rule of law on political bias. Judges, AGs, and DAs should not be known for their political affiliations, nor should they judge or prosecute cases when they had already expressed their verdict of guilt and personal dislike before the trial. The principle of innocence until proven guilty has been disregarded.
It is evident that the judge wishes to imprison Trump. He has achieved this so far by being immune to the law and by bending it for political revenge. The goal is not only to humiliate Trump but also the millions who supported his policies, sending a message that they too can be targeted. The laws are being bent to rule through fear, controlling thoughts and speech to enforce a new political rule of lawfare.
Every action has a reaction, and the question is how tens of millions of Americans, who fear their government due to political allegiances, will respond. Just as the radicals who attacked the twin towers did not anticipate the consequences, political radicals may not understand the fearlessness of everyday Americans. While I may not be fearful, I am deeply upset, as 7/11 is an inside job, and that does not sit well with tens of millions of Americans.
Who tore the nation apart? It was the radical political elites, supported by the radical media elites, who profited immensely from manufactured hate and victimhood. Follow the money trail of trillions spent on wars based on manufactured hate, political power gained from manufactured hate, and the corporate profits from funding manufactured hate. Only then will the senselessness of our current situation become clear.
What was Trump’s true crime? He won the 2016 election, catching his opponents off guard. Unable to win by attacking his policies, they resorted to personal attacks for actions they themselves engage in on a large scale.
So, 7/11 is approaching, and the divide is significant. I am confident that a single judge will continue to make the wrong decisions, creating a reaction that they do not understand or care about because they believe the ends justify the means, even when fueled by political hate and vengeance. I am merely stating the obvious once again.
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