The one sided debate!

The upcoming Trump-Biden debate will be marred by a lack of fairness and balance. It is taking place in an environment controlled by Democrats and produced by a politically biased network, CNN, known for its history of false Trump claims and coordinated passing of questions to favor their candidate of choice. The moderators from CNN have shown clear disdain and even hatred for Trump. In the past, they have suggested that Trump is a modern-day Hitler. So there is no question that their questions will likely be hard-hitting, accusatory, demeaning, and designed to attempt to trigger Trump. Frankly, Trump will be debating the two moderators and Biden at the same time, all covering for each other against Trump.
The Democrats also requested the absence of an audience, which clearly favors Biden, who, by the way, is accustomed to speaking to tiny audiences, while Trump thrives on the presence of a large and live audience. Furthermore, the decision to turn off mics during certain portions of the debate will ensure that Biden remains composed and avoids making mistakes.
Despite these disadvantages, Trump has chosen to participate in the debate. He is aware that the network and moderators will not be fair, having subjected him to derogatory name-calling, including comparisons to Hitler. With no live audience and mics being controlled, there will be limited interaction between the candidates.
So why would Trump agree to these conditions? He likely understands that they deliberately designed the debate this way, expecting him to refuse, so they could accuse him of negotiating in bad faith. Trump’s acceptance demonstrates his willingness to engage, even when the odds are stacked against him, and his acceptance played into his hands, not the Democrats.
While Trump continues to campaign and interact with people, Biden is secluded with a team of 16 coaches to prepare for the debate. It is surprising that a politician with 50 years of experience requires such extensive assistance for just 90 minutes, including taking seven days off to work with his 16 coaches.
CNN, the moderators, and the Biden team have meticulously orchestrated the event, leaving Trump as the only candidate who will respond in real-time, as previous presidents have done since the dawn of presidential debates. Regardless of Biden’s performance, CNN, the moderators, and the Biden team will declare him the winner. In fact, their scripts are already written.
If Trump appears to be winning during the debate, the moderators will definitely escalate their Trump attacks and attempt to provoke him with insulting and belittling questions. Ironically, Trump is well aware of their tactics but still chooses to step into the “lion’s den.”
Ultimately, the outcome of the debate may not hold much significance. Those who harbor hatred towards Trump will continue to do so, even if they prefer his policies over Biden’s, as they have been conditioned to dislike him. It is an unfair situation, but unfortunately, unfairness has been prevalent for a long time. Not only have they been unfair to Trump, but Biden openly declares war on Trump supporters, even labeling them as traitors. However, Trump and his supporters have grown resilient and refuse to be silenced or shamed.
The so-called debate will conclude with both sides claiming victory, but those who focus on policy and its impact on their lives will be able to discern the true winner come November 5. Because we know the Democrats have created a one-sided debate to favor them. And based on President Biden’s cognitive capacities, I can totally understand why. On the other side of the coin, I can understand why tens of millions would have a problem with the most powerful man in the world being this incapacitated. Just saying the obvious once again.
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