The presidential debate was sadly excruciating

The presidential debate was an excruciating experience. There’s no sugarcoating it or denying the reality. Despite being a supporter of Trump, I recognize that Biden is my President and the leader of the United States. After watching the debate, I was left with several thoughts.
Firstly, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for America. The president’s weakness was on full display, not just for Americans but for the entire world to witness. This isn’t a matter of taking pleasure in someone’s health downfall, but rather a concern for national security. Honestly, personally I feel bad for the President and  I truly believe he is completely unaware of his condition. I have watched many people in my life, deal with dementia and it is a very sad thing.
Secondly, it’s alarming to think about who is truly running the government. Those surrounding our president have evidently lied about his mental state for far too long. It raises questions about the people surrounding the president who were not voted in by the American people but who are using and abusing the power of the office of the presidency. And who knows whether they’ve abused their positions for personal gain. Did they become addicted to the authority they wielded on behalf of an elderly man who is clearly mentally compromised? Their deception is a betrayal of the presidency and a betrayal of our nation.
Thirdly, this cover-up extends beyond a few individuals. The entire Democratic Party and the vast media complex had to know about Biden’s condition, yet they continued to maintain the lie. With the debate, they have been caught red-handed, unable to deceive any longer. And now they are turning on the very person they lied about all along. The person most responsible for this grand deception is Jill Biden. If she truly loved her country and her husband, she would have never allowed this to happen. Her actions have endangered all Americans and the world, and she should be held accountable.
Fourthly, the debate shed light on why the Biden administration’s policies make no sense and why our country is in disarray. It’s nonsensical to expect a leader with dementia to implement effective policies. This revelation helps us understand why the world is on the brink of a potential World War III, why our borders are wide open, why inflation has wiped out the middle class of America.
Lastly, it’s now clear why there was a need for seven days and multiple experts to assist the president during a mere 90-minute debate. It’s absurd to think that a man who has been debating for 50 years needed coaching. What he truly needed were scripts, rehearsed lines, and emotional support. Of course, these so-called experts couldn’t save him. Biden is like the emperor with no clothes, completely oblivious to his surroundings and unfit to hold the office of the presidency. Anyone with honesty can see that he is not the leader of the free world, which is obviously leaderless, and why we see the world in disarray. They will sacrifice America to keep their job.
When a political and media system is so powerful that it can cover up such a significant lie, it forces us to question all the other lies they have successfully hidden for far too long. The truth is slowly emerging, exposing their deceit on a daily basis. The Democratic Party is not more important than America. The reason behind these lies is the thousands of political and media operatives who are willing to deceive in order to protect their jobs and ratings, even if it puts us all at risk.
The debate highlighted the dire state of our leadership, with Biden’s cognitive decline becoming increasingly apparent. It’s disheartening to see the leader of our country struggling to articulate his thoughts and engage in coherent discussions. This raises concerns about the decision-making process within the administration and whether Biden is truly capable of fulfilling his duties as President. Even worse is when you realize that Kamala’s IQ is so low that she is not qualified to replace him.
Moreover, the media’s complicity in perpetuating this deception is deeply troubling. They have a responsibility to report the truth to the American people, yet they have chosen to ignore or downplay Biden’s cognitive decline. This raises questions about their integrity and their commitment to unbiased journalism. It’s clear that their loyalty lies with their own interests rather than the well-being of the nation.
The consequences of this deceit are far-reaching. Our country is facing numerous challenges, and we need a strong and capable leader to navigate these issues effectively. With Biden’s mental decline, it’s doubtful whether he can provide the leadership we desperately need. The world is watching, and our allies and adversaries alike may take advantage of our weakened position.
It’s time for accountability. We cannot allow those who have deceived the American people to continue operating unchecked. We must demand transparency and honesty from our leaders and the media. The future of our nation depends on it.
The debate didn’t so much reveal who won, even though it was clear to all who did win, but rather who was seriously mentally compromised. The loser of the debate clearly was the American people who have been lost far too much in the last few years. Just stating the obvious once again.
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