Mayor Adams Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for the Second Quarter of 2024

Mayor Adams Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for the Second Quarter of 2024
By Robert Press
Wednesday the day before July 4th Mayor Eric Adams said I’m really pleased with what Commissioner Caban and his entire team are doing during a press conference at Police Headquarters. For the sixth month in a row reductions in overall index crime prevailed again in June 2024, with a 4 percent drop in major offenses compared to the same month in 2023. 10,598 total crimes in the seven major indicators in June 2024 compared to 11040 in June 2023. Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Grand Larceny, and Grand Larceny Auto were down, but Rape and Felony Assault crime were up. Hate crimes were up 68 percent in June 2024 compared to June 2023.
Mayor Adams then said that overall index crime for the second quarter (Q2 April 1 – June 30) was down 2.7 percent or 31162 in Q2 of 2024 compared to 32029 in Q2 of 2023. Unlike June 2024 Murder, Burglary, Grand Larceny, and Grand Larceny Auto were down, but Rape, Robbery, and Felony Assault crimes were up. 
Mayor Adams said that he inherited a 40 percent increase in crime when he took office, we saw everything from shootings to illegal mopeds, dirt bikes, and ghost cars. The initiatives that we have put into place are working. The mayor said that New York City is the safest big city in America. That was a claim former Mayor Bill deBlasio used during his administration. 
The various Chiefs of Police patted each other on the back for the good job the mayor said they were doing. That ended when questions began and this reporter said to Mayor Adams you may say crime is down, but in the 49th Precinct for the past two year overall crime is up 34.89 percent, and crime has not gone down in any of the seven index categories. I said that manpower is at seventy-four officers down from a one time high of two-hundred and fifty officers. I added that when I asked former police commissioner Shea how much crime goes unreported, the answer was there was no way to gauge how much crime goes unreported, but much crime goes unreported. I included that plan are for nine thousand new units of various housing for twenty thousand new residents, including four hundred single homeless men and fifty people currently incarcerated in Rikers Island which the community was told would be Stage 4 cancer patients, but later the Health and Hospitals Corporation admitted could be only diabetics free to roam anywhere they wanted. That drew the biggest look from Mayor Adams who said he did not want to see a bait and switch and that he would look further into that.
Chief LiPetri said that he can touch a little bit about the 49th Precinct, saying that there is a two year uptick in crime about thirty-five percent and increases in other categories. He added that the precinct has become a summer zone with added officers, to which I said seven SRG officers. SRG officers are used in precincts that have high auto thefts or theft of car parts, and are called for demonstrations and parade duty.  
Chief of Department Maddrey said a new commander was just placed in the precinct who has been in the precinct before. He added that in one week the new commander has made a difference, by pushing crime down. Chief Maddrey added that the new commanding officer is going to make a big difference at the 49th precinct. 
Mayor Adams asked about the manpower numbers, because he wanted to address that, whereas Chief Lipetri answered with the graduating class and speaking to Chief Maddrey they will be moving hundreds of officers into the Bronx, and then distribute them to the precincts. 
(L – R) Chief Michael Lipetri, Chief of Crime Strategies, First Deputy Commissioner Tania Kinsella, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Philip Banks, Mayor Eric Adams, Police Commissioner Edward Caban, Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, Chief of Department. 

Mayor Adams listens to my question and asks for answers from his Chiefs of Police.  

Chief Lipetri going over part of the answer to my question on the crime stats at the 49th Precinct.
Police Commissioner Caban also listened to my question. 
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