Trump is like the Salty Sailor

For those who detest, dislike, or can’t stand Donald Trump, let me offer some insight into why tens of millions feel differently about him than you do. It’s not that his supporters are blind to his flaws; they recognize them but aren’t bothered by them. Similarly, you overlook the flaws in your preferred candidates. If you can see Trump’s flaws but ignore Biden’s, then you’re not being fair in your judgment of anyone’s shortcomings.
We all have flaws; you see ours, and we see yours. This is why sometimes we overlook these flaws. Trump supporters see the imperfections in themselves and in everyone they’ve known. Here’s how they view the man you might passionately hate or simply dislike: Trump voters prioritize policy results, whereas Biden voters seem more concerned with personality, emotions, and appearances. The illusion of perfection while steering the ship towards disaster is not true perfection; it’s perilously dangerous.
Sometimes, it takes a no-nonsense, “salty sailor” to handle a really tough job. Not everyone is equipped to go into the bowels of the ship and fix it; in fact, few are. It’s nasty and dirty work, which partly explains why the salty sailor is the way he is and why he knows how to fix a broken ship. He’ll go where few dare to make things right.
Appreciating what Trump achieved while captaining the ship doesn’t mean his supporters idolize him or want to be just like him. It doesn’t even mean that God doesn’t see the value in having his salty sailors because God has constantly used the weakest among us. I assume God forgives them for their flaws, much as we hope for forgiveness for ours. When the ship is sinking, most reasonable people understand the necessity of the salty sailor. These unique individuals show up at the right time, yelling over the nonsense of those who stalled and damaged the ship initially. He yells, screams, and tweets to get things done. He speaks his mind unapologetically, and the press, wanting him to conform to their narrative, goes berserk when he doesn’t. He doesn’t care what they think because they too have contributed to the ship’s great damage.
In my view, America placed the salty sailor in the White House in 2016 to swiftly fix what both parties had broken or left broken for over 50 years. When you’re taking on water, niceties won’t save the ship or its passengers.
By 2020, with the ship only halfway fixed, a mutiny of sorts put the original, ineffective crew back in charge. Now, in 2024, we find ourselves stalled in the middle of an ocean, taking on massive interest debt of one trillion a year, and circling aimlessly with no clear destination. Meanwhile, our many enemies, noticing our obvious weakness, have formed powerful alliances and are circling us like sharks. Our leaders, preoccupied with trivial arguments, seem oblivious to the fact that we’re taking on water and heading towards a rocky shoreline or the great deep.
Donald Trump is what he is. He was the same blunt NYC businessman before the election as he became the President and the nation’s salty sailor. Without any shame or guilt, I can say I greatly admired what he accomplished in those four years he served. Like tens of millions of Americans, I ignored the media’s hateful context-twisting of his past and instead focused on his policy achievements while he was in office, something the media either avoids or even purposefully takes out of context.
Trump is not like me, and that’s fine. I don’t want to be him or anyone else; I just want to be myself. However, there are times when we all need to be Trump-like, speaking plainly and directly. For me, being raw and direct is no big deal when it’s justified to get things done amid the chaos and utter nonsense created by others. Salty sailors know what the priorities are when the ship is sinking, and it’s not petty arguments among the woke kitchen staff.
We’ve never had a leader like him before, and the media’s constant out-of-context reporting can be mind-boggling. That’s why he was as direct as possible. He proved time and again that he knew how to steer the ship in the right direction, and the results validated him. So, I can’t help but admire his ability to act on business logic rather than a polished, politically correct false script. With heavily scripted presidents, you have to wonder who’s writing the script because it’s all an act. With Biden, we know someone is in charge and we know it’s not him. Those who are in charge are not elected, and that is not how to run the ship called the Constitutional Republic.
With the salty sailor, there’s no script when the ship is sinking; it’s just real and to the point, and I for one appreciate that. It’s raw and honest, letting us know what he truly thinks. I don’t always agree, and that’s okay. The only person I agree with 100% is myself, and even then, I often change my views.
Millions of people were exhausted by the same old political rhetoric that drags the nation backwards, which is how Trump became president and withstood a torrent of adversity from both sides while passing unprecedented amounts of beneficial legislation for our country and fostering great fair trade alliances, including the Abraham Accord with Israel and many of their Arab neighbors.
I was pleased with his international policies, the stock market, trade deals, the economy, manufacturing, energy independence, and his efforts to raise wages and lower costs for average Americans. I appreciated the fair trade deal with China and getting NATO members to contribute their fair share. I was glad he decimated ISIS and engaged the North Korean leader in talks. I was happy the military was funded, and that he dealt significant blows to the deep state, whether intentional or not. These were things we were told he couldn’t do because they couldn’t do it, and he proved them wrong and they hated him for it. I supported the majority of the policies of the salty sailor and am unashamed of it. It’s okay if others don’t see him through the same lens as I do. Ironically, the more I listen to his detractors, the more they sound like the salty sailors they hate.
Should it matter if a salty sailor drops an f-bomb while saving me from a burning ship? Would I care about his language in that moment? Or his past? Absolutely not! I’d care about his actions in the moment that saves the ship. He could be morally flawed with questionable behavior, but I’d still praise him for saving me, my family, and my friends.
The salty sailor wasn’t sent to save my soul; I’m not looking to him for spiritual guidance. I want him to fix the ship others broke and promised to repair but never did. In those moments, all I think is, “Thank you for sending the salty, imperfect sailor to fix the ship.”
Yes, the salty sailor is both raw and kind, and that’s okay. He’s human and doesn’t pretend to be perfect. What’s insane is those who fret day and night about him. He’s not politically careful with his words, and neither are you or I, and that’s okay. You might be offended that Trump isn’t a typical, do-nothing statesman, but during his tenure, he was the first President in my lifetime to avoid starting a new war. He began rebuilding the nation many feared was becoming a hopeless cause. Now, two and a half years later, even more people worry we’re heading in the wrong direction again.
Being president is a temporary job, so we let the salty sailor fix part of the ship, allowing others to feel good when a polished captain takes over with his perfect suit and speech, sailing the ship the salty sailor repaired. Now, the so-called elegant captain has once again broken what was fixed and is driving us towards disaster.
If you still hate Trump after your captain wrecked the ship, you’re wasting time trying to convince millions of people to see Trump as less than who you placed in office. All your claims about what Trump would do were proven wrong; he did the opposite and avoided war. Your fearmongering proved to be more about Biden, not Trump. We might have believed you if Biden hadn’t destroyed the ship Trump had fixed. But we see otherwise, and so do many of you! That’s why you focus on Trump being a salty sailor, which we already know. You ignore the ship Biden is sinking, the endless unwinnable wars he created and funded, the record interest rates, the broken borders, and the looming disaster of a global war. For you, these aren’t problems, which is why you’ve become a problem for everyone on the ship when you think the issue is the salty sailor had a girl at every port as the ship is taking on water. You think Stormy Daniels is the storm and ignore the iceberg we hit.
I’ve come to admire the salty sailor more than the slick double-talking political elites who have run Washington DC into the ground, and who also seem to constantly turn up with someone in some strange port around the world. You want me to see the imperfections of a man I never claimed to be perfect while you present to me a man who you claim is perfect and clearly is not. Then proclaim that I am the one who is in a cult. It’s laughable but understandable. The press lies about Trump all day long. How do I know? Easy, because they lie about one hundred fifty million just like me all day long and lie about America as being racist, homophobic, and everything that in reality it is not.
Now, all this talk about being on a ship made me hungry, I’m in the mood for some fish and chips! Pass the vinegar malt matey… Because I identify more as a salty sailor than the hypocrisy of political elites who on both sides who are sinking the ship they profit from.
The 2024 election is approaching, and it’s time for the salty sailor to return and urgently fix even more as the ship we are all in is taking on more water and is listing dangerously to the hard left.
Just stating the obvious again!
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