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The area where all the blank ballots were kept, as you see a BOE worker looking for a certain AD/ED ballot.

Bronx Board of Election Part 4 – ‘REMAKE’

June 23,2020 was Primary day in New York City. We have entered the month of August 2020 without the official results of the June 23, 2020 primary.On Monday August 3, 2020 the ‘Manual Canvass of the Democratic Party County Committee […]

by · August 2, 2020 · Bulletin Board
A view of Stan's Sports Bar touting the slogan 'Across from the Real House That Ruth Built'. Street barricades are being built to hold tables and chairs for outside eating and drinking.

Yankee Stadium Business Area Gets Ready For Friday Home Opener

The delay in the New York Yankee home opener gave some area businesses extra time to set up for the weekend series with Yankee arch rival Boston Red Sox. Stan’s Sports Bar, Across from the ‘Real House That Ruth Built’ […]

by · July 30, 2020 · Bulletin Board
The volunteers with councilman Andy King.

Shoelace Park Clean Up By Councilman Andy King, Bronx River Alliance, the Local Community, and the National Guard

In what the Bronx Borough President has declared ‘Clean Up Monday’s’ This past Monday in Council District 12 was Clean Up Shoelace Park located at Bronx River Parkway and East 219th Street. Over 25 volunteers from the Bronx River Alliance, […]

by · July 29, 2020 · Bulletin Board

Budget Equity Act Press Conference

At 1 PM Monday several current State Senators, members of the State Assembly, and Democratic Party candidates in November held a press conference to discuss what they are trying to do in the state legislature.  It is called the Budget […]

by · July 27, 2020 · Bulletin Board

Bronx Board of Elections Completes Count of Absentee Ballot and Affidavit Ballots

Thursday afternoon shortly after 12:30 PM there was a roar of accomplishment as the Bronx Board of Elections completed counting the last Absentee Ballot, and the last Affidavit Ballot. Just under fifty-thousand ballots had to be counted from the eleven […]

by · July 24, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Officials from the Bronx Board of Elections have taken down the Affidavit ballot sign, and moved the barriers to cover the entire area blocking any sight into the room where the Affidavit ballots are.

What is the Bronx Board of Elections Hiding? Part 3 – Where Did the Affidavit Ballots Go?

Friday started the 87th Assembly District, and on Monday the long awaited last 79th A.D. Absentee ballot opening begins. It appears at the start of the opening of the Absentee ballots there was a ruckus by one of the 15th […]

by · July 21, 2020 · Bulletin Board
The remaining amount of the valid(?) 43,827 Absentee ballots that were received in the Bronx.

What is the Bronx Board of Elections Hiding – Part 2 – How Many BOE Employees Does it Take to Separate an Absentee Ballot?

At the Bronx Board of Elections. It takes four people to get a ballot in the 84th assembly district ready to be counted. BOE Employee #1 behind the poll watcher who’s face has been covered opens the envelope taking out […]

by · July 19, 2020 · Bulletin Board
An area in the Bronx Board of Elections where each ballot is shown to poll watchers.

What Is The Bronx Board of Elections Hiding?

The count of Absentee Ballots in the Bronx began on Monday July 6th. There are eleven Assembly Districts in the Bronx. One week later, only one Assembly District, the 83rd has been completed. There were no state primaries for any of the […]

Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. Has Decided Not To Run For Re-election

Everything Has Its End You should know that “Everything Has Its End” is a (Salsa) tune, made famous and sung by the late, great, Puerto Rican salsa singer Héctor Juan Pérez Martínez, better known as Héctor Lavoe. This song hints at the […]

by · July 14, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Rally and March For Black Lives Matter for Elijah

Rally and March For Black Lives Matter for Elijah

 It was billed as a Black Lives Matter March for Elijah, but was there a different agenda to this rally and march through Allerton and Morris Park? Elijah McCain was a 23 year old Black Man stopped by police in […]

by · July 7, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Here these two dogs run back from the longest part of this dog run.

Bronx Park East Dog Run Reopens to Ruff Ruff

Monday morning the recently built Bronx Park East Dog Run that was closed during the Pandemic reopened. While the crowd of dogs was not as large as when the grand opening occurred, several pooches did take advantage of the course. […]

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Not only were there fireworks, but a mess after the party.

Fourth of July Leftovers

People all over the Bronx and other parts of the city complained of fireworks going off for two weeks before the Fourth of July holiday. This year it seemed like every night leading up to Independence Day fireworks big and […]

by · July 6, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Republican candidate for the 14th Congressional District speaks.

Pro Police Rally in Morris Park

Morris Park Rally For Police By Robert Press Tuesday evening hundreds of people came out to show support for the police in Loretto Park. The rally opened up with God Bless America, and God Bless the Police Department. No elected […]

by · July 1, 2020 · Bulletin Board
People waiting on line outside a parkchester poll site.

Primary Day 2020 at the Polls

What Happened At the Polls On Primary Day 2020 By Robert Press It seems that the Board of Election underestimated the number of people that would come out and vote on Primary day 2020. In visiting many locations in different […]

by · June 28, 2020 · Politics

How Did It Go On Primary Day?

As I write this there are tens of thousand absentee ballots that have to be counted in the Bronx. As long as the envelope is postmarked June 23, 2020 the ballot must count. There were close to 70,000 Absentee ballots requested […]

by · June 27, 2020 · Politics