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The Return of “Great Power Competition.”

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many hoped and believed that, with the end of the Cold War, the era of “great power competition” had come to a close. Indeed, one author, Francis Fukuyama, an American political scientist, wrote […]

by · November 13, 2020 · Bulletin Board

India, U.S. Form Closer Relations

India is playing an increasingly vital role in maintaining peace in the Indo-Pacific realm. It possesses the world’s fourth most powerful military, according to Global Firepower, hwith 3,544,000 military personnel, 4,292 tanks, 285 ships (including an aircraft carrier) and 2,072 aircraft. India, […]

by · November 6, 2020 · Bulletin Board

China Funds U.S. Group

China is funding violent protest groups within America. The U.S. is not immune to the conditions that have allowed totalitarians to rise to power. Radical organizations, sometimes funded by foreign governments, have made threats and violence part of everyday American […]

by · November 3, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D.

China-U.S. Relations at Pivotal Point

The United States has reached a pivotal point with the Chinese Communist regime in Beijing.  Under the Obama-Biden administration, Chinese aggression towards its neighbors went virtually unchallenged.  its growing attempts to peddle influence within the United States, particularly in the […]

by · October 2, 2020 · Bulletin Board
The Peoples Liberation Army PLA soldiers participate in a flag raising ceremony during an open day at the PLA  Navy base in Hong Kong. File:

Vernuccio’s View: China’s Naval Threat

A lion’s share of world trade moves through Indo-Pacific waters is increasingly threatened by China’s large navy. Indo-Pacific basin nations will represent two-thirds of the world’s economy in the coming decade. Clearly, if any nation establishes an armed stranglehold in […]

by · September 20, 2020 · Vernuccio's View
Photo: Satellite communications terminal at Camp Zama, Japan. (Winifred Brown, Army)

Russia, China Threaten U.S. Space Assets

The U.S. Space Command has evidence that Russia conducted a test of a space-based anti-satellite weapon. On July 15, Russia injected a new object into orbit from Cosmos 2543.  Moscow released the object in proximity to another Russian satellite, which […]

by · August 28, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D.

Cyber Threats to the Election

Just as airplanes and tanks transformed war in the 20th Century, the employment of Cyberspace for military and espionage missions is changing the nature of international battles in the 21st.  Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea invest in military capabilities that reduce […]

by · August 27, 2020 · Bulletin Board
Credit: YouTube

Vernuccio’s View: China’s Threat

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently outlined the threat China poses to U.S. economic and national security. He delivered the review during a meeting with the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. Wray warned the greatest long-term threat to America’s information and […]

by · August 2, 2020 · Opinion, Vernuccio's View
The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, the Air Force's unmanned, reusable space plane, landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., June 16, 2012. OTV-2, which launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., March 5, 2011, conducted on-orbit experiments for 469 days during its mission. (Boeing photo/ Paul Pinner)

Vernuccio’s View: Flight of the X-37B

The U.S. Space Force recently launched the secretive X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The X-37B is an unmanned space plane boosted into orbit by a rocket and gliding to Earth like the […]

by · June 14, 2020 · Military, Vernuccio's View
U.S. President Donald Trump walks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore in this picture released on June 12, 2018 by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency. KCNA

Vernuccio’s View: North Korea’s Cyber Threat

Washington has issued an advisory warning about North Korea’s ongoing cyber threat. According to the statement, “The DPRK’s malicious cyber activities threaten the United States and the broader international community and, in particular, pose a significant threat to the integrity […]

by · May 17, 2020 · Vernuccio's View
China's President Xi Jin Ping vowed in January a 'people's war' against the  coronavirus. Credit: Xinhua News Agency

Vernuccio’s View: The Case Against China

The toll taken by the Covid-19 virus is staggering, resembling that of a considerable war. The losses have been needlessly caused.  Through negligence or malfeasance, the Chinese government’s failure to timely warn the world of the outbreak eliminated the possibility […]

by · April 5, 2020 · Opinion, Vernuccio's View

China, Russia, May Take Lead in Key High Tech

A landmark, and worrisome, report revealing what America must do to prevent China and Russia from taking the lead in technologies that can threaten U.S. national security and the economy has been produced by the Ronald Reagan Institute.  The study […]

by · March 30, 2020 · Bulletin Board
President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands during their joint press conference, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Benjamin D. Applebaum)

U.S.-Israel Mutual Defense Pact?

President Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)  are advocating a “Mutual Defense” pact with Israel. Senator Graham has stated that “This would be a game-changer for Israel’s security and would be sending the right message to Iran and other […]

by · December 22, 2019 · Military, Vernuccio's View
A boilerplate CST-100 Starliner is lifted skyward by a balloon for a drop test of the Starliner's parachute system. Photo credit: Boeing

Vernuccio’s View: U.S. Manned Space Program Returns

The American space program is moving into high gear. An uncrewed Starliner, designated CST-100, built by Boeing as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, is over 16 feet tall. It is scheduled to be launched, unmanned, from Florida’s Kennedy Center […]

by · December 14, 2019 · Technology, Vernuccio's View
President Trump Attends the NATO Plenary Session (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Vernuccio’s View: NATO’s Future Plans

NATO Foreign Ministers met in Brussels on November 20 to address a wide range of security challenges. “We all agree that NATO remains indispensable for our security, and that despite our differences, we are stronger as we face the future […]

by · December 5, 2019 · Vernuccio's View