The driver jumped two lanes of traffic before jumping the curb and striking a pole on Jerome Avenue.--Photo by David Greene

Don’t Honey Me!

Don’t Honey Me! By David Greene An unidentified driver attempted to get the attention of a young woman he knew, when he lost control and struck a pole. The incident took place along Jerome Avenue and Mosholu Parkway on Thursday, […]

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March of the Penguins


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The Most Brilliant Toilet Ever

Chronicle Publisher Sal Conforto wants you to check this out: “Why use virgin clean water that can be used for cooking and washing hands?” said Conforto. He spoke about the water in Florida, how “reclaimed water” is often used for […]

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Louis C.K. Just Goes Off On SNL Monologue

I didn’t think I was a Louis C.K guy but then I saw this tour de force last night and thought, yeah…I’m down with this.  This is my jam.  

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Billy Joel and Fallon Do Doo Wop On Tonight Show

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What’s In A Cookie Dough Oreo? The New York Times Wants To Tell You!

What can I say? I learned something, and I’m hungry….  Wait, watermelon oreo?!

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The Original Bronx “Selfie”

The Original Bronx “Selfie”

General Colin Powell posted this “selfie” he took on Facebook during his Morris High School days in the early 1950s.

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Talking To The Millenial Generation

Talking To The Millenial Generation

Famed actor Kevin Bacon put out this humorous video on the internet yesterday explaining 1980s pop culture to younger, more wired consumers.  To be appreciated by Bronxites of all generations.

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President Obama’s Deadpan Interview with Zach Galifianakis

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama from President Barack Obama Presidents have done The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, and numerous other humorous shows and entertainment outlets before, but this…..this…..this is something new.  

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Oscars Take Selfie Madness To The Next Level

Oscars Take Selfie Madness To The Next Level

It’s almost been a week since the Academy Awards, but the “Oscar Style Selfie” craze is still going strong.  Countless folks across the globe, including some friends of The Bronx Chronicle below, have taken to taking their own group shots […]

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“Tonight Show” Takes on the Hashtag

#thisishilarious #yesi’mnotgoingtowriteinsentences #that’sthejoke #justwatch #dropsmic #i’llstopnow For a more mature take on the way social media is making the kids talk in the darndest way, check out this PBS Frontline documentary that aired earlier this week entitled “Generation:Like”.  And if […]

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Jimmy Fallon Takes Tonight Show Reins

Jimmy Fallon Takes Tonight Show Reins

It’s not our place here at Bronx Chronicle to tell you if you’re going to love the new Tonight Show in New York, starring Jimmy Fallon.   Maybe you’re a fan, maybe not.  But if you missed the show, we have […]

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Bronx Chronicle’s Friday Funnies

With Valentines Day rapidly approaching, as Saturday Night Live reminded us last weekend, remember to buy random things at CVS to celebrate:

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