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Presented without comment

Presented without comment

by · July 21, 2014 · World News

Investigators Examine Malaysia Airlines Wreckage

Investigators and local volunteers are collecting evidence and dealing with the wreckage in the wake of the tragic plane crash last week, while Russians rebels’ presence is being felt in the vicinity. As reported in BBC News today, “Three Dutch investigators […]

by · July 21, 2014 · World News

Governor Cuomo Announces Global Tourism Initiative to Promote New York Businesses to the Chinese Tourism Market

This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the I LOVE NEW YORK program promoting New York businesses and tourism is expanding into China. In addition to establishing an office in the country to market New York’s tourism attractions and activities, […]

by · July 20, 2014 · Local News, World News

The Saturday Conversation

With our new and improved site and comment section, we thought we’d open up a conversation between Bronxites on national and international news and events, using this video from last night’s Newshour as a starting point, a point of common […]

by · July 19, 2014 · Domestic News, World News
The Newshour Examines What Happened To Malaysian Air 777

The Newshour Examines What Happened To Malaysian Air 777

PBS Newshour anchor Gwen Ifill talks to former intelligence official Charles Duelfer and Jim Hall, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, about potential geo-political reverberations and what will help investigators piece together what happened to Malaysian Air 777, with […]

by · July 18, 2014 · World News

Senate Committee Approves $622 Million For U.S.-Israel Cooperative Missile Defense Programs

Yesterday, as Gaza militants continued to launch a heavy barrage of rockets at Israel,Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Mark Kirk (R-IL) announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee has appropriated approximately $621.6 million for […]

by · July 18, 2014 · World News

President’s Meets With the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Regarding Immigration Reform

Yesterday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building about ideas for actions to improve our immigration system. The President reaffirmed that he is focused on […]

5 Hour Cease Fire Agreement In Israel

5 Hour Cease Fire Agreement In Israel

With a humanitarian crisis exploding in Gaza during day 9 of the conflict that has taken the lives of over 200 Palestinians, largely civilians, Israel and Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire that began earlier today to enable food and […]

by · July 17, 2014 · World News

Bruce Ackerman On America’s Failed Long Term Foreign Policy

Eminent scholar Bruce Ackerman penned a piece in Huffington Post yesterday entitled “America’s Tragic Turn in Germany and Japan”, in which he outlines post-WW2 strategy by the US in building and maintaining positive relations in those critical nations who had […]

by · July 16, 2014 · News, World News

Israel Leaflets Northeast Gaza Urging Evacuation

Increased attacks have lead Israel to urge citizens in the areas of Gaza they are shelling to leave for their own safety. As reported by Renee Lewis of Al Jazeera, “Earlier Wednesday, the Israeli army dropped leaflets and issued prerecorded […]

by · July 16, 2014 · Uncategorized, World News

How does the US make the case for its interests in Ukraine?

by · July 6, 2014 · Domestic News, World News

Is Lebanon Next?

Al Jazeera is asking, with recent bomings in Lebanon, if it will be the next country to fall in to chaos: “There has been speculation for some time now that the Sunni fighters of the IS might open a third front […]

by · June 30, 2014 · World News

Yesterday’s Daily News Wrap from PBS Newshour

by · June 26, 2014 · World News

Pope Excommunicates Mafiosi, Not In Communion With God

Pope Francis concluded his one-day trip to the southern Italian region of Calabria with strong words against the Calabrian mafia, calling it “adoration of evil and contempt for the common good,” according to Vatican Radio.“

by · June 22, 2014 · World News

President’s Weekly Address: Bringing our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century

In this week’s address, the President previewed Monday’s first-ever White House Summit on Working Families. The day-long event will feature remarks by the President, the First Lady, the Vice President, and Dr. Jill Biden, as they participate in a national […]

by · June 21, 2014 · Domestic News, World News