Hear Congressman Joe Crowley Speak Out Against Homeland Security Legislation

Hear Congressman Joe Crowley Speak Out Against Homeland Security Legislation

Yesterday, Congressman Joe Crowley (14th District for Queens and The Bronx), voted against House Republicans’ Homeland Security funding legislation that includes radical anti-immigration amendments to block President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration reform, as well as upend the 2012 […]

by · January 15, 2015 · Editorials, Politics
Congressman Eliot Engel opposes JCPOA

Congressman Eliot Engel: Republicans Playing Games with Our Security

In a strongly worded statement Congressman Eliot Engel, Ranking Member of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs, has denounced the Republican majority in the House of Representatives for trying to keep the Homeland Security Appropriations Act hostage in order to […]

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What Hillary Needs to Learn From Mario

Post by Columnist Richard Brodsky The history of the Clinton/Cuomo relationship is well known, but worth considering. The “what-ifs” are legion and fascinating. What If Mario had run in ’84, ’88 or ’92? What If Mario had accepted the Clinton […]

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Bronx January’s Meet and Greet Event

Bronx January’s Meet and Greet Event

by · January 2, 2015 · Bulletin Board, Politics
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Obama Reborn: Change You Can Believe In

Post by Columnist Richard Brodsky This is the guy I remember. Calm, not detached. Decisive, not timid. Smart, not brainy. Yes He Can. So where’s he been? It is a fair criticism of his last two years that he seemed […]

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Mayor de Blasio Urges Protests Pause To Mourn Fallen Officers

Mayor Bill de Blasio , in light of the recent killings of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, have urged protesters to pause in their efforts for some time out of respect for the officers’ mourning family & friends. From the […]

by · December 23, 2014 · Local News, Police Affairs, Politics
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Hillary on the Cusp: It’s the Economy, Stupid

Post by Columnist Richard Brodsky There’s actually some deep thinking going on as 2016 presidential hopefuls configure their campaigns and their positions. The lesson of 2014 is there to be learned: It’s The Economy, Stupid. Some will learn the lesson. […]

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Guns and Cigarettes: How We Measure Liberty

Post by Columnist Richard Brodsky, used with permission. The tea party and the hard right have made it easy to dismiss their side of the national debate about American liberty. It’s often hard to see through the birthers, the Obama-as-socialist […]

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The Presidential Executive Order; What is it?

The Presidential Executive Order; What is it?

Can a President “write law” when it is the job of The Congress? According to Wikipedia, Executive orders are made to help agencies of the Executive Branch of Government, manage their operations. Executive orders generally deal with internal affairs of […]

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LGBTQ Pride Flag

NYC LGBT Political Clubs meet to discuss agendas for 2015 and 2016

On Wednesday November 19, 2014, the leaders and members from the major New York City LGBT political clubs met jointly at the LGBT Center in Manhattan to discuss the results of the 2014 election, issues and strategies for the 2015 […]

Matt Osborn, RONXITE, casting his first vote Novenber, 2014

A Bronxite’s First Vote: Matt Osborn

On November 4, 2014 Matt Osborn, a young Bronxite, cast his first vote as a person who just turned 18 years of age. This was a great milestone for a person whose roots are in the Bronx, who takes a […]

Republican Chaos or Representative Democracy?

Republican Chaos or Representative Democracy?

Chaos abounds!  Or does it? Wow!. Aren’t u surprised New York!?. We are a Democratic City in a Republican State Majority! Almost a microcosm mirror image of America today, when looking at the National level. We are Republican and Democrat […]

by · November 10, 2014 · Editorials, Politics
Map showing states that went Blue or Red in Senate races on Election Day

Election Day: Red Electeds, Blue Issues.

After pondering the results from Tuesday both here in New York State and nationwide I feel that it is a mixed bag. On Wednesday I felt down as I often do when elections do not go as I had hoped. […]

by · November 9, 2014 · Editorials, Politics
The Pelham Grand

Pelham Grand: Good Vibes

On November 6, 2014 the Community Advisory Council for the Pelham Grand met at the Pelham Grand. Agency staff, community members and residents were present and there was full and open participation by all. The community was represented by Board […]

Wait ’til Next Year: Why the Democrats Are Poised to Recover in 2016

Wait ’til Next Year: Why the Democrats Are Poised to Recover in 2016

Post By Columnist Richard Brodsky The results were brutal, but expected and not out of line with other second-term midterm elections. That being said, there are a few silver linings that bode well for Dems and progressives. Republicans Won’t Like […]

by · November 6, 2014 · Editorials, Politics