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An Open Letter on Prison Education and The Bronx

This recent Facebook status of Fordham University professor and long time outspoken community activist Prof. Mark Naison highlights what has become the theme of the recent transition in city government in our fair city, the tale of two cities, of […]

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Should horses be off NYC streets? Looking at all sides of the issue.

Should horses be off NYC streets? Looking at all sides of the issue.

“It’s over,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press conference last month. Since before his inauguration, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a part of a scandal between animal rights groups and carriage […]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Bronx Chronicle remembers Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Bronx Chronicle would like us all to remember the history and lasting legacy of the man and legend that was Martin Luther King, Jr. Across the nation today, millions of Americans are taking time out to reflect on the […]

by · January 20, 2014 · Bulletin Board, Op Ed

NYC Carriage Horse Trade Another Perspective

  Carriage Horse with harness sores. Untreated and still working. Written by  Sal Conforto,  Publisher Into the rancor created by both sides of the carriage horse issue in NYC I would like to add my opinion. Let’s suppose in an […]

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The Bronx Chronicle offers condolences to the family of 49 pct. Det. Di Pierro

The Bronx Chronicle offers condolences to the family of 49 pct. Det. Di Pierro

The management and staff of the Bronx Chronicle expresses it’s sincere condolences to the Di Pierro family on the passing of Mr. Frank Di Pierro. Mr Frank Di Pierro is the father of Det. Di Pierro of the 49 pct. community […]

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New zoning guidelines needed for Zero Lot Allowance building

Dear Editor, With a New Year and Mayor in place, I am hoping one of the resolutions to be made is to change the zoning guidelines for zero lot allowance building aka lot line to lot line building. While this […]

by · January 8, 2014 · Op Ed

Sad…The Bronx is Better Than This…

The following is a posted item from Facebook. If you see someone in need please take a moment and help out. Believe me you will feel good about yourself. Written by: Cassandra Kaufman 10:27am Jan 5 Anyone going out this morning, […]

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Community Support for Councilman Elect Richie Torres

This letter was originally posted on Facebook. Dear editor, We would like to express our full support for City Council Member-elect Ritchie Torres’ decision to back one of the most progressive and independent candidates for City Council Speaker

by · January 2, 2014 · Op Ed

New Flood Maps from FEMA

The New Flood Maps….what do they bring to our future? Written by Dorothes Poggi What will happen to the homes unable to afford the new increases to Flood insurance? Will portions of our residential waterfront communities be forced into rezoning […]

by · November 9, 2013 · Features, Op Ed

One Park Divided and Citizens denied

11/6/2013 One Park Divided Written by Dorothea Poggi Unfair treatment of one side of a local Park that should benefit all New Yorkers. Ferry Point Park is physically divided by the Bronx Whitestone Bridge and the Hutchinson River Parkway. At […]

by · November 9, 2013 · Op Ed