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You can get a free sandwich for a good cause at Subway on National Sandwich Day.

Profile America: Clichés & Sandwiches

Sunday, November 3. Today is Cliché Day — any way you slice it, a minor and obscure occasion. While the ostensible purpose is to encourage our verbal banalities, it might also be stretched to stereotypes. Such as the cliché that […]

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Profile America: Chipping In

Profile America: Chipping In

Thursday, September 12th. One of the great technical leaps in progress towards our digital age occurred on this date 61 years ago. It was in September 1958 that Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments demonstrated his invention of a miniaturized electronic […]

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The Lincoln Highway, The Great American Road Trip

Profile America: The Lincoln Highway

Tuesday, September 10th. The route of the nation’s first coast-to-coast paved roadway was announced on this date in 1913. Known as the Lincoln Highway, its combination of new roads linking existing metropolitan roads originally ran for nearly 3,400 miles through […]

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Profile America: National Agriculture Week

Profile America: National Agriculture Week

Tuesday, March 19th. Among the blessings of civilization are the broad availabilities of food and clothing, such that we don’t’ have to reflect on how this abundance is created in the first place. To celebrate this great human achievement, today […]

A mid-twentieth century rotary-dial telephone

Profile America: Direct Dial

Thursday, November 29th. A key part of daily telecommunications is 67 years old this month, as direct-dial telephone area codes for transcontinental calling were introduced in 1951. The mayor of Englewood, New Jersey, made the first official call, picking up […]

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Thursday, November 22nd. Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. One of the most traditional of American holidays, it’s thought to have begun in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The holiday became national in 1863, and the fourth Thursday of the month has been […]

Norwood residents took advantage of free medical evaluations at Safe Medical Care on East 204 Street.--Photo courtesy of Long Island University's APhA-ASP Chapter of the American Pharmacist Association

Profile America: First Medical School for Women

On this date in 1848, the first medical school for women opened in Boston. By 1873, the school had graduated almost 100 doctors. That year, the Boston Female Medical School merged with the Boston University School of Medicine to form […]

Profile America: Spam

Profile America: Spam

Spam, the pork product in a can, debuted in 1937, and World War II spread its fame, such as it is, around the globe. Spam, the unsolicited email message, debuted this month in 1978, and the World Wide Web has […]

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Profile America: Digital Divide

The first commercial computer, the 13-ton UNIVAC I, began its 12 year — or 73,000-hour — career of number crunching for the bureau in this date 65 years ago.

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