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Financial Focus: Should you take that part time job?

Financial Focus: Should you take that part time job?

So, you had a good full time job? Good pay? Liked hanging out in the office? Then COVID-19 took all that away.So while your looking for another full time job ( or hope you still have one), freelance gigs are […]

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Financial Focus: Will unionization come to home-based self-employed workers?

In the 1980s, the world was introduced to the word ” entrepreneurship.” In simple terms, it is self-employment. By the 1990s, many entered the world of entrepreneurship, believing that self employment would be better than working for corporate America. Before […]

Bronx Nonprofits Spring Executive Directors Breakfast, April 16

Calling all Bronx nonprofit leaders! The Center for Bronx Nonprofits and guest speaker Linda Manley, Legal Director of the New York Alliance cordially invites you to the Spring Executive Directors Breakfast to discuss, “how do you know if your nonprofit […]