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The AOC: Pay equity, civil war, and the ‘broken mentality’ of politics

BREAKING NEWS — Ocasio-Cortez, Pelosi roll out bill to close the gender gap in salaries This morning, the New York Daily News broke the news that in marking the anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that let women […]

by · January 30, 2019 · Bronx Politics, News, Politics, The AOC
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Vernuccio’s View: Google, China, and Censorship

It’s odd that you don’t see much anger expressed online about how social media giants have helped dictatorships.  Is that because those comments have been intentionally censored? An Intercept article by Ryan Gallagher recently reported that “Google is planning to launch a censored […]

Tech Focus: Stick it to the Man With

Tech Focus: Stick it to the Man With

Stick it to the Man With The more the public reads about Google and their package of services, the more suspicious people are becoming, and rightfully.  Often people surf the web through their browser and don’t even realize that […]

by · March 11, 2017 · Tech Focus
LiquidTalent, an employment acquisition platform designed to capitalize on the economic shift and revolutionize the means by which employers and employees interact and conduct business.

LiquidTalent Bringing Tech Opportunities To The Bronx

Tech Innovation And the Future of Work by Koi Germany, Jr.    Jobs, much like the rest of the world, have become increasingly digitized. Professions in the tech field continue to flourish year over year, freelance work is at an […]

by · March 16, 2016 · News, Technology
Frankly Speaking: Internet Censorship on the Rise

Frankly Speaking: Internet Censorship on the Rise

Internet Censorship on the Rise Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D.    Free speech on the internet continues to take a pounding on several key fronts. Under pressure from heavy handed governments abroad and threats of lawsuits and left wing agitation […]

by · February 16, 2016 · Op Ed, Technology