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Predator drone (US Army photo)

Vernuccio’s View: White House Responds to Iran’s Drone Shoot Down

There was a flurry of White House activity following President Trump’s surprise decision to not proceed with a military response to Iran’s downing of an American unmanned drone in international airspace. New sanctions were imposed on Iranian leaders.  According to […]

by · June 29, 2019 · Op Ed, Vernuccio's View
Credit: Terror News Network

Vernucciio’s View: Hezbollah Uses Illegal Drug Trade to Threaten America

The frightening extent of Iran’s’ terrorist reach into the Western Hemisphere is becoming more clear, as law enforcement officials across the globe move to curb Hezbollah. The Hill reports that Argentinian officials have frozen the assets of 14 people tied to […]

by · January 2, 2019 · News, Opinion, Vernuccio's View
Mexico's President-elect  Andrés Manuel López Obrador casts his vote in the July 1, 2018 election. (Credit:

Vernuccio’s View: Growing Danger From Mexico

Leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known also by the nickname AMLO, will be the next president of Mexico. He believes that “All have the right to immigrate to the United States.” His approximately 53% victory was facilitated by votes […]


Vernuccio’s View: Iran’s Missile Threat

The world’s attention is currently focused on North Korea, but Iran should not be ignored due to its weapons program, its support for worldwide terrorism, and its ongoing aggressiveness in the Middle East. The Iran nuclear deal, which only temporarily […]

by · March 19, 2018 · Vernuccio's View
Trump: "As President of the United States of America, I will ALWAYS put #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸 #UNGA" [Twitter] WH.Gov

Vernuccio’s View: 2018’s Key Resolutions

The fresh attitude brought about by a New Year should lead to resolutions effectively addressing the most serious and long-standing problems affecting the nation.   There are several issues that, if effectively dealt with, could dramatically improve the nation. Health care […]

by · December 26, 2017 · Opinion, Vernuccio's View
Vernuccio’s View: Iran’s Growing Missile Threat

Vernuccio’s View: Iran’s Growing Missile Threat

By Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., Esq. Tehran’s progress in missile technology points to the regime growing from a regional power to a major international threat. Iran’s missile technology advances, despite international sanctions. Portions of Iran’s missile technology may soon rank among the […]

by · September 28, 2016 · Vernuccio's View
Breaking News: Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Breaking News: Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran

WASHINGTON, Jan. 3, 2016 /USNewswire/ — Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir announced that Saudi Arabia is severing ties with Iran after the embassy attack in Tehran. During a press conference  this evening in Riyadh, the foreign minister said […]

by · January 4, 2016 · Breaking News, News
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Negotiators in Switzerland

Nuclear Agreement with Iran Assured: Time to Unite for Success

As of September 2nd, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a done deal. Senator Barbara Mikulski (Md.) became the 34th U.S. Senator to declare that she will vote in favor for JCPOA. This means that even as the […]

by · September 3, 2015 · Op Ed, Politics, World News

WYSK: Gillibrand vs. Schumer

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz District 32 Bronx County, New York Schumer vs. Gillibrand You should know that Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat and the Senior US Senator from the State of  New York has publicly […]

by · August 14, 2015 · Op Ed

The Politics of Obama and Netanyahu

By Richard Brodsky The Netanyahu speech was smart and informative. It crystallized two parallel problems. First, and most important: what’s the right thing to do about Iran and its nuclear capacity? There are big, big questions to be answered. Would […]

by · March 13, 2015 · Op Ed
LEW’S VIEWS – Bibi Netanyahu: Chutzpah Personified

LEW’S VIEWS – Bibi Netanyahu: Chutzpah Personified

Shortly before leaving Israel for his trip to the United States, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said “Today, on the eve of the Fast of Esther, I’m embarking on a historic mission. I feel like the emissary of all the people […]