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ISIS fighters in Iraq.

Vernuccio’s View: Prosecuting ISIS

According to a United Nations investigation, world body researchers are “Making significant progress” gathering evidence to prosecute ISIS for atrocities in Iraq and the Levant. U.N. personnel have been gathering documentary, digital, testimonial and forensic evidence for use in prosecuting […]

by · September 9, 2019 · Military, Opinion, Vernuccio's View
Source: Us State Department Fact Book.

Vernuccio’s View: Negotiations and the Larger Threat

Should Venezuela’s Chavistas and Afghanistan’s Taliban have a role in the new governments that will soon take power? That’s the thinking of the foreign policy establishment, as well as the mantra of the chattering classes.  They may both be wrong. Put the […]

by · March 22, 2019 · Vernuccio's View
Senator Charles Schumer opposes JCPOA

Schumer: It’s Time To Deploy Explosive Detection Technology In NYC

Schumer Says Feds Must Test Bomb Detection Technology In NYC and Speed-Up Adoption Of Machines To Place In Some Of NYC’s Busiest Transit Hubs: Subways, Penn Station and Airports On the heels of last week’s attempted subway terror attack, where […]

by · December 18, 2017 · News, Technology, Terrorism, Transportation
The mushroom cloud of the first test of a hydrogen bomb is seen in a 1952 test blast.

Vernuccio’s View: Nuclear Terrorism Threat Grows

NATO is warning  that the West should consider the potential danger of an attack by terrorist using weapons of mass destruction. The organization is not being overly cautious. An Economist study notes that  “24 states still have 1kg or more […]

by · March 15, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
Vernuccios View: Christian Persecution on a Global Scale

Vernuccios View: Christian Persecution on a Global Scale

Strangely missing in the debate about President Trump’s temporary travel restrictions, which is significantly less dramatic that President Carter’s actions in response to the Iranian embassy takeover, and roughly similar to President Obama’s actions in 2011, is the near total […]

by · February 22, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
A pair of uniformed officers sit outside the St. Phillip Neri Church in Bedford Park after ISIS encouraged supporters to attack U.S. churches. Photo by David Greene


NYPD REACTS TO ISIS THREAT TO LOCAL CHURCHES For years the NYPD has been stationed outside of Synagogues and Mosques during the holidays, but after a recent ISIS threat against thousands of Catholic churches in the United States, local police […]

by · January 8, 2017 · Crime, News
ISIS fighters in Iraq.

Vernuccio’s View: Ignored Dangers

Both ISIS-motivated attacks and rising threats from Russia and China are becoming a fact of everyday life. It is increasingly evident that many elected officials both in the United States and Europe appear to be philosophically incapable of acknowledging the reality […]

by · July 27, 2016 · Vernuccio's View
Vernuccio’s View: Why Obama Finally Decided ISIS was Genocidal

Vernuccio’s View: Why Obama Finally Decided ISIS was Genocidal

Why Obama Finally Decided ISIS was Genocidal by Frank Vernuccio, Jr.    Long after it had become painfully obvious to even to the most casual observers, the Obama Administration has decided that ISIS is guilty of genocide.  It has, however, […]

by · April 7, 2016 · Op Ed, Vernuccio's View
Letter To The Editor: We All Knew!

Letter To The Editor: We All Knew!

Dear Editor, All reasonable, clear-minded Americans quickly understood that what happened in San Bernardino was an act of Radical Islamic Terrorism. We all knew it even before all the facts came in. We knew it because we had enough reasonable […]

by · December 9, 2015 · Letter to the Editor
The Enemy Among Us

The Enemy Among Us

Bigotry is alive and well, not only in this nation but right here in our community. I shudder when I read comments from so called community leaders who are posting and calling for the exclusion of Muslims fleeing tyranny, war […]