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Vintage NCR cash register (Instagram)

Profile America: Ka-ching! The Cash Register Is Patented

Monday, November 4. The slang exclamation “ka-ching!” owes its birth to a development on this date140 years ago. That’s when James Ritty, a saloon keeper in Dayton, Ohio, patented the cash register he developed with his mechanic brother John. The […]

Profile America: First Coed College – Oberlin College

Profile America: First Coed College – Oberlin College

Friday, December 29th. Colleges and universities with both male and female students are the norm today. But in 1833, only a few women went to college and the idea of coed classes was a social innovation. In December that year, […]

by · December 30, 2017 · History, Profile America, Women

Profile America: Distinguished Graduate 

On this date in 1850, Oberlin College awarded the nation’s first four-year degree to an African-American woman, Lucy Stanton.

by · December 8, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: The First Stoplight 

The first U.S. traffic light flashed red and green at the intersection of 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, OH.

by · August 4, 2016 · Profile America, Technology

Polanco Politics: Selfish Kasich

Selfish Kasich by Juan Carlos Polanco, Esq., MBA The GOP presidential primary circus is slowly winding down and those of us in the #NeverTrump movement are desperate to stop the train wreck in Cleveland. We find ourselves with one major […]

Lenore Skenazy, author, Free Range Kids

Free-Range Kids: Dose of Reality — Child Kidnapping is Rare

THIS MUST END: NO MORE HARASSMENT FOR LEAVING KIDS IN THE CAR A MINUTE OR TWO! From last night’s email: Dear Free-Range Kids: . Hello!  My name is L. and today I had a pretty traumatic experience. I am a […]

by · July 5, 2015 · Free Range Kids
Lenore Skenazy: We are using too broad a definition of sex offender.

Free Range Kids: Is a 21 yr-old With a 15 yr-old Girlfriend a “Sex Offender” for the Next 25 Years?

If you think of all kids under the age of 18 as the same, you get crazy laws like no child under 18 can be left unsupervised. Wacky. You also get sex offender labels that make no sense. In Ohio, […]

by · March 15, 2015 · Crime, Family