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Profile America: First Burglar Alarm

Tuesday, February 20th. We live in an age concerned about security. Many homes display signs warning that they are protected by a certain brand of security system, and television ads extol the benefits of competing brands. The first burglar alarm […]

by · February 20, 2018 · Bulletin Board, Profile America
Robert W. Patch's design for his toy truck.

A Precocious Patent Holder

Sunday, June 4 — Most little boys at the age of 5 are content to play with toy trucks without thinking about how they could be improved. This was not the case for Robert Patch. He designed a truck that could […]

Today, many Americans prefer their coffee decaffeinated.

Profile America: The Coffee Perk Up

Monday, December 26 — The millions of Americans who for a century and a half have enjoyed well-brewed coffee can direct their gratitude to James H. Nason of Franklin, Massachusetts. He received the nation’s first patent for a coffee percolator on […]

by · December 26, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: A Glass Act

On this date, Michael Owens of Toledo, OH, patented a machine that could automatically manufacture glass bottles, producing four per second.

by · August 2, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: A Storied Cereal

On this date in 1893, Denver restaurant owner Henry Perky received a patent for a “Machine for the Preparation of Cereals for Food” (aka shredded wheat).

Profile America: Dust Busting

The oldest challenge to house cleaning — dust — motivated Ives McGaffey of Chicago to patent the first vacuum cleaner in the U.S. this week in 1869.