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George F. Green, inventor of the dental drill. William J. Hammer Collection, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

Profile America: Electric Dental Drill Patented

Thursday, January 24th. An invention that’s helped millions, but which no one really likes was patented this week in 1875—the electric dental drill. Those who dread the device should consider the primitive state of dental technology before George Green of […]

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Today, many Americans prefer their coffee decaffeinated.

Profile America: America’s Coffee Perks Up

Tuesday, December 26th. The millions of Americans who for a century and a half have enjoyed well-brewed coffee can direct their gratitude to James H. Nason of Franklin, Massachusetts. He received the nation’s first patent for a coffee percolator on […]

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The first hand-powered cleaner. But the first person to patent a version of the vacuum cleaner is Daniel Hess, from West Union, Iowa, in 1860. (

Profile America: Dust Busting Vacuum Cleaner

Thursday, June 15 — Dealing with one of the oldest challenges to house cleaning — dust — motivated Ives McGaffey of Chicago to patent the first vacuum cleaner in the United States this week in 1869. It was hand powered, made […]

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Profile America: Patently Precocious

Robert Patch submitted his application and drawings in 1962, and on this date in 1963, at age 6, he was granted a toy patent.

Profile America: Canning Process

Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett were granted a canning patent for the tin can. By 1820, the British Royal Navy was being supplied with canned foods.

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