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Lenore Skenazy, author, Free Range Kids

Free-Range Kids: Abolish The Sex Offender Registry

A Grandma Reflects on Sex Offender Laws: “My Husband Would Have Gone to Jail” Following up on the Zach Anderson case — the 19 year old on the Sex Offender Registry for 25 years for having consensual sex with a […]

by · August 9, 2015 · Free Range Kids
Lenore Skenazy: We are using too broad a definition of sex offender.

Free Range Kids: Is a 21 yr-old With a 15 yr-old Girlfriend a “Sex Offender” for the Next 25 Years?

If you think of all kids under the age of 18 as the same, you get crazy laws like no child under 18 can be left unsupervised. Wacky. You also get sex offender labels that make no sense. In Ohio, […]

by · March 15, 2015 · Crime, Family
Uh…please don’t look at my text and if you do, please don’t send me to prison.

Free Range Kids – Are Teens Who Sext “Child Pornographers?

Post by contributor Lenore Skenazy Thanks to our mistaken belief that no one under 18 can have any legitimate sexual feelings—and hence any sex they’ve engaged in was coerced and bound to render unspeakable emotional harm—we have laws on the […]

by · March 2, 2015 · Crime, Cultures, Government, Law
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Klein and State Senate Coalition releases bombshell report on dangerous sex offenders living near UPK programs

After devastating New York State Court of Appeals ruling in Nassau, State Senate Coalition will act on a series of bills to strengthen protections for children against sex offenders   New York, NY –  The New York State Senate Coalition […]

by · February 24, 2015 · Bulletin Board, Law