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OPINION: By Millionaires, For Millionaires

OPINION: By Millionaires, For Millionaires

  By Scott M. Stringer We know from history that ‘trickle-down’ economics has never helped working families move up the economic ladder. It’s a sleight-of-hand that helps America’s millionaires and billionaires. But if candidate Trump’s tax plan is the blueprint […]

by · April 9, 2017 · Op Ed
President-elect Donald J. Trump won a stunning and decisive victory over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday November 8.

Opinion: Go Trump!

The Art of the Deal!   By Dennis A Conforto I have been thinking lately about Donald Trump and the Art of the Deal. In following his campaign for President, it has become apparent that he really does understand and […]

by · March 2, 2016 · Op Ed, Politics