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Vernuccio’s View: Global Censorship Increases

America’s First Amendment set a standard and a goal for the rest of the planet, establishing freedom of speech as a key standard of an advanced civilized society. However, as appreciation within the United States continues for this achievement wanes, […]

by · November 10, 2019 · Military, Vernuccio's View
NATO Summit 2018

Vernuccio’s View: Is Turkey Still an Ally?

There is a deeper significance in the move by The United States to suspend delivery of its premier fighter planes to ostensible NATO ally Turkey. The move is in response to that nation’s purchase of a sophisticated air defense system, […]

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Vernuccio’s View: The Kurds Are The West’s Neglected Ally

The Trump Administration’s plans to draw down U.S. forces in Syria has re-opened the question of western support for the Kurdish people. The Kurds have been pro-western, and scrupulous in their protection of human rights. They treat females as equals, […]

by · January 8, 2019 · Vernuccio's View
PR and marketing pros at Butterball are going mobile this year. Photo: Raglan's PR Daily

Poultry in motion: Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line goes mobile

By Susan Young | Raglan’s Daily PR blog — Posted: November 22, 2016 The PR and marketing pros at Butterball are going mobile this year. Market research indicated the popular Butterball Turkey Talk Line should boost its outreach to millennials. So, for […]

New Fed Policies Affect Developing Markets

This Newshour segment on Tuesday features a discussion on Turkey, India, Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia, the so called “Fragile 5”, markets that have been growing but whose current state is rocky as a result of US federal monetary policy.

by · February 5, 2014 · Domestic News, News, World News