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Vernuccio’s View: Kurdish Independence: A Forgotten Story?

Vernuccio’s View: Kurdish Independence: A Forgotten Story?

Recently, Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on independence. According to Hndren Muhammad, the head of the Kurdistan Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission, the pro-independence side won an overwhelming victory. There were 4,581,255 eligible voters, of which 3,305,925  cast ballots,  a […]

by · December 13, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
Vernuccio’s View: NATO Responds to Russia

Vernuccio’s View: NATO Responds to Russia

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and Georgia, its vast military modernization program, its violation of the INF treaty, and Vladimir Putin’s clear nostalgia for the former Soviet Union have made it clear that a new Cold War has emerged. In response, […]

by · December 6, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
The President-elect shares an update on the Presidential Transition.

Vernuccio’s View: Tax Debate Reveals Fundamental Differences

In a very late night vote last Friday, the Senate passed its version of the $1.5 trillion tax bill. What did the vote demonstrate about the state of U.S. politics, economy and, indeed, the culture of the nation? The deeply […]

by · December 4, 2017 · Vernuccio's View

DHS, FBI Issue Cyber Attack Alert

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI haves issued an alert  on a threat involving an “advanced persistent threat (APT)…targeting government entities and organizations in the energy, nuclear, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors. Working with U.S. and […]

by · November 4, 2017 · Vernuccio's View

The American Military Role in Africa

The recent loss of four American soldiers in Niger, (Staff Sergeants La David Johnson, Dustin Wright, Bryan Black, and Jeremiah Johnson) killed during an attack by approximately fifty Islamic extremists has focused attention to the presence of the U.S. military […]

by · November 4, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
NATO alliance flags

Europe’s Separatist Movements

Catalonia’s independence movement may be the focus of this month’s news about separatist movements, but Europe has a number of regions that are considering going it alone. These movements tend to feed off of each other, supporting independence claims. Even […]

by · October 18, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
The New York City Council Takes A Knee prior to the September 26 Stated Meeting. Credit: Madina Toure/Observer

Vernuccio’s View: Theatrics Overtake Our National Conversation

The actions of many of our elected officials have become juvenile expressions of outrage. In 2016, several House Democrats staged a sit-in on the floor of Congress, after losing a legislative battle.  Rather than retool their message and try again, they […]

by · October 11, 2017 · Opinion, Vernuccio's View
Vernuccio’s View: Afghanistan Policy Had to Change

Vernuccio’s View: Afghanistan Policy Had to Change

Most of the media has missed the actual key points of the President’s Afghanistan policy change. The impact of Mr. Trump’s significant changes to the manner in which the United States conducts that armed conflict will extend beyond the battle […]

by · October 4, 2017 · Op Ed, Opinion, Vernuccio's View

Vernuccio’s View: 21st Century Slavery

Modern slavery exists, it is widespread, and it is a worldwide, lucrative practice. A National Geographic study found “There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The modern commerce in humans rivals […]

by · September 27, 2017 · Op Ed, Vernuccio's View
Trump: "As President of the United States of America, I will ALWAYS put #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸 #UNGA" [Twitter] WH.Gov

Vernuccio’s View: Trump Charts New Course at U.N.

President Trump’s  address to the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly on September 19 was the most substantive and direct in a generation. He repudiated the global inclination to place international bureaucracies over national governments, and the use of […]

by · September 20, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
The mushroom cloud of the first test of a hydrogen bomb is seen in a 1952 test blast.

Vernuccio’s View: Iran-North Korea: The Joint Nuclear Threat

The North Korean nuclear missile crisis, and the threat of Iran’s current advanced missiles and, due to the limitations of the Iran nuclear deal, the near future possession of atomic weapons may be two sides of the same dilemma. A Congressional […]

by · September 13, 2017 · Military, Vernuccio's View
North Korea nuclear missile test

Blunt Talk About North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb Threat

North Korea’s detonation of a hydrogen bomb, and President Kim Jong-un’s claim that that the hermit kingdom can mount such a device atop an ICBM, has resulted in a deeply worried reaction among American civilian and military. Much of the […]

by · September 6, 2017 · Op Ed, Vernuccio's View

Vernuccio’s View: Obama Foreign Policy Errors Affect Korean Crisis

The foreign policy failures of the Obama and Clinton presidencies are affecting the current Korean crisis. The United States is seen by Pyongyang as a government that has a weakened military, a lack of resolve to follow through on demands, and, […]

by · September 4, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
Vernuccio’s View: The Real Cause of Navy Collisions

Vernuccio’s View: The Real Cause of Navy Collisions

The recent series of collisions affecting U.S. Navy vessels may be the result of the use of Chinese  computer chips. The navigation systems of vessels have been shown to be vulnerable to computer hacking. On Wednesday, Adm. John Richardson, the […]

by · August 31, 2017 · Vernuccio's View

Vernuccio’s View: Will China and India Fight?

Two giant, nuclear armed nations, China and India, are in a tense standoff concerning an inflammatory border dispute. Continuing its pattern of aggressive expansionism, China attempted to construct a road in a portion of the “Tri-Junction” region, where China, Bhutan […]

by · August 16, 2017 · Vernuccio's View